Amazon Princesses, Queens, and Norman Osborn

Wonder Woman #27 by Gail Simone, Uncanny X-Men #505 by Matt Fraction, and Dark Avengers #1 by Brian Michael Bendis

Wonder Woman #27 Uncanny X-Men #505 Dark Avengers #1

Wonder Woman #27

I’m confused; mostly because I thought that one of the big appeals to Wonder Woman is that it’s a title you can read without having to read the Final Crisis. But isn’t the anti-life equation and Genocide, this “god” thing, connected to Grant Morison’s crazy? Are they also killing off Superman, because that would make the big three in the DC universe?

I do think it’s really interesting to see the dark side or truth of the Lasso of Truth. Because seeing into people’s hearts can easily be used for evil.

The ending was really 0_0. Zeus always does anything in just a f—ed up way.

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Uncanny X-Men #505

I was really waiting for this issue, mostly the Scott keeping secrets from Emma and going to bite his ass. This also helps fill in those narrative holes for when Emma decides to play nice with Norman Osborn in Dark Reign. I loved Storm telling Emma that it’s time for her to be a leader, not just a teacher.

Still not interested in Colossus’ manpain.

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Dark Avengers #1

Pretty boring actually. Not Bendis’ best opening by far.

The storyline overwhelmingly relays on the reader being so fascinated about trying to figure out Osborn’s lineup that they miss that there’s no real story. Norman’s evil? Check. Norman knows how to form a corporation and a superhero team? Check. Ms. Marvel’s (the real one Carol) uniform suddenly includes a thong? What?

Ms. Marvel from Dark Avengers #1

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