Bendis’ Avengers Disassembled

I do enjoy how nicely this sets up for Slott’s run.

However, I was not thrilled that all the women – She Hulk, Wasp, and Captain Britain – were take out of the running right away. I don’t see Jen as that fearful of the hulk taking her over the way that it does Bruce. And while it’s a comment on how hulk powers can get completely out of the control – and how really dumb it is to have the Hulk, as in Bruce, on a team – it’s not dumb to have Jen. Her powers manifest as yes, a little too carefree of an individual and too much a party girl, but she still maintains the human mind.

That and I think Jen’s gotten more pissed about other things besides a teammate’s death if she was going to lose control over something. Starfox, anyone?

So yes, she can lose control, but the Scarlet Witch took it to an extreme. I’ll admit that my She-Hulk-as-an-Avenger canon isn’t that solid, so there may have been forward shadowing. But I still think it was an easy elimination.

At least, Ms. Marvel came back in to represent for the women.

It’s also interesting that She Hulk uses Jen as a cover when she needs her.

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