Birds of Prey #1, #2, and #3 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for DC Comics’ Birds of Prey #1, Birds of Prey #2, and Birds of Prey #3 by Gail Simone

Birds of Prey #1 Birds of Prey #2 Birds of Prey #3

Erica gives this comic five starsBirds of Prey #1 by Gail Simone

Simone outdid herself as she gets back together the Birds of Prey. Yes, it would have to be Babs calling on Dinah and Zinda, not the other way around. Dinah may have left, but Babs is the one who pushes people away. Much like her mentor Batman does.

I love Dinah and Zinda working together to save children. Well, Dinah’s saving children and Zinda’s being herself by helping out and meeting the locals. I know Babs is Simone’s beloved character, but I think her Dinah is just as strong, if not stronger.

Hawk and Dove’s introduction worked really well. Simone is good at introducing new characters to the team and introducing them to readers at the same time. I’ve always appreciated the slightly self-contained world which the Birds of Prey operate in.

The scene on the roof was so perfect. All of them together once again. Everyone’s one reactions were spot-on. Loved this line from Dinah: “One day these women will learn to say what they really feel without thinking it makes them vulnerable. If I have to beat the living crap out of ’em to make it happen.” Oh, Helena, I felt the same way you did.

Someone signaling the Birds of Prey was perfect. As was the Penguin being there and getting to be the first causality. I’m pretty much with those guessing that the White Canary is either Sin or Cassandra Cain.

Erica gives this comic two starsBirds of Prey #2 by Gail Simone

I felt so let down by this issues.

First, there was Savant’s death, Creote’s suicide, and the surrounding wank. I really hope they aren’t really dead and that Babs has sent them on a deep-cover mission. Or that Savant staged the whole thing so Babs did think they were dead, but it was only so White Canary thought they were dead too so Savant and Creote could better take down the White Canary. I’m crossing my fingers. But I don’t have much hope.

Second, I don’t understand how Black Canary still had a secret identity. I thought she was one of those superheroes who didn’t care. She doesn’t wear a mask or even have a stupid disguise that investigative reporters should’ve figured out long before they did like Superman. All she does it put on fishnets. Sometimes I wear fishnets, and people who know my face still recognize me.

Third, I have problems with Benes’ art. Here it got too T&A. Check out this panel with Dove and the Penguin:

Dove and the Penguin in Birds of Prey #2
Hey, Penguin, that's not Dove's face.

Erica gives this comic three starsBirds of Prey #3 by Gail Simone

The first two-page spread of the Birds of Prey and Penguin in his hideout was obviously a giant fake-out. But I felt like it was an overindulgence of just what I don’t like about Benes’ pencils. Obviously, Oswald is a skeezy guy; but some things I just feel I didn’t need to see it in such detail.

I’m not sure I’m feeling Hawk and Dove as part of the team in these past two issue. And they started out so strong. I suppose this is a trial under fire, and they haven’t had all the quiet moments of team-bonding. Those quiet moments that made Birds of Prey so great. I’m sure Simone will get to them when there’s some time after hooking readers on the title’s relaunch.

I’m really glad that Savant and Creote aren’t dead. I rather did call the possibility that they faked their deaths. Of course, I didn’t think it was to come and kidnap Babs. Though Savant finally figured out who Oracle is, and I bet that’s how the White Canary made him play her game. But I did like them as reformed heroes. Just glad that Savant knew better than to underestimate Babs’ fighting skills.

Huntress and Black Canary’s dialog during the big fight scene was perfect. I’d missed this. That and Zinda’s one-liners to keep the book lighter. Rather interesting that the White Canary had an arrow which to pierce Hawk. Considering I’m not sure how she could’ve planned that in advance.

What I did think was perfect in this comic was the Black Canary and Huntress’ conversation about taking out the White Canary. Yes, Black Canary doesn’t kill people. Huntress does. But Dinah’s going to try her hardest in order to figure out whom the White Canary is and how to reform her. Of course, I kind of feel like a dolt for not being able to figure out just who the White Canary is.

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