Blackbird #1, #2, and #3 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Blackbird #1, Blackbird #2, and Blackbird #3 by Sam Humphries, Jen Bartel, Paul Reinwand, Nayoung Wilson, Triona Farrell, Jodi Wynne, and Dylan Todd
Average rating: 5/5 stars

Blackbird #1 Blackbird #2 Blackbird #3

Erica gives this comic five starsBlackbird #1 by Sam Humphries (writer)
Art: Jen Bartel (artist), Paul Reinwand (layout artist), Nayoung Wilson and Jen Bartel (colorists), Jodi Wynne (letterer), and Dylan Todd (designer)

This book is so great. Bartel is an incredible artist, and upon art alone, I’d love this book. But I am glad she’s paired with Humphries, who so far is rocking the writing part too. This is my first Humphries penned book; and I realize he’s part of the class of Marvel writers who started writing a bunch of Marvel books when I majorly cut back on my Marvel team book reading.

Sharpie is the best. And if you guessed that I got more upset about Sharpie running away after the earthquake and never coming back and not the mom dying, you’d be right. Also Nina won me over when she was ready for the earthquake by filling a backpack and grabbing her cat. My kitties are #1 in my emergency plans. My partner can get himself out of the house.

Humphries and Bartel are setting up who Nina is here. She’s the one getting all the characterization, and at least, Marisa is a little short-changed. I’d like to see her developed a bit more than “the good sister.”

Obviously, those pills that Nina keeps popping are blocking some of her magical powers and magical senses. She starts seeing things immediately when she’s running low. I do like how her pill popping seems tied a lot to her state of being and place in the world, instead of solely an addiction story. Though there is definitely that too.

I absolutely adore the design of the lion deer monster chimera. It’s so beautiful. I do hope they aren’t straight up evil. I love the art and the color choices. The palette for this book is gorgeous, and something I do love about Bartel is her use of color palette and deep understanding how to enhance art with color, which sometimes comic artists can miss.

More please!

Erica gives this comic five starsBlackbird #2 by Sam Humphries (writer)
Art: Jen Bartel (artist), Paul Reinwand (layout artist), Nayoung Wilson and Jen Bartel (colorists), Jodi Wynne (letterer), and Dylan Todd (designer)

I like that Nina just sneaks into paragon places. Obviously, her powers keep their censors from going off, but not stopping other paragons from noticing that she doesn’t belong. Though it seems like there are different fractions of paragons.

Sharpie’s under some kind of spell. I appreciate how Humphries has Sharpie lie a lot to show how the spell worked to Nina. Good on Humphries for breaking this trope into pieces.

I’m okay with Clint being Nina’s friend. Well, maybe kind of her friend, or at least someone who will protect her and maybe train her to figure out who she is beyond Sharpie’s words.

The flashback to Christmas was all too real. Especially for someone like myself with an alcoholic father. I do like this focus on the women of the family, plus more insights into Marisa’s and Nina’s personalities and growing up. No doubt, Nina feels like she got her messed up nature from their father, and Marisa got the goodness — or the spirit of goodness — from their mother.

The art remains very gorgeous. I’m such a fan. Cannot wait to see the design of this woman from the Paris Cabal. She looks fantastic.

Erica gives this comic five starsBlackbird #3 by Sam Humphries (writer)
Art: Jen Bartel (artist), Paul Reinwand (layout artist), Triona Farrell (colorists), Jodi Wynne (letterer), and Dylan Todd (designer)

Not so sure how I feel about Nina’s mother showing up. If that’s actually her and not just a way that Nina’s being manipulated by those who are after her.

I will say that the design on Nina’s mom’s pantsuit — to die for. Love how much it communicates power, and how the gold diamond patterns contrast with the red flowers and they are all against a crisp white suit. Love it.

The flashbacks to when Nina’s mother died and how the family fell apart without her felt incredibly true, common, and sad all at the same time. Nothing magical caused them to become estranged from each other, just grief. Harrowing grief, but completely normal for their loss grief. This is a marvelously layered choice from Humphries. Though I do worry it will all come crashing down now that mom’s back with some demons?

Mixed about Clint and his intentions. Does he actually like Nina? Or is this part of making her transition into the magical world an easy one? He both seems to know a lot about the magical world, and also nothing at all. Clint expects Nina to have a lot of answers about her powers that he should know she doesn’t have.

Adrian and the other cabal characters we see in the hotel(?) have incredible outfits as well. Just the mom’s stands out even beyond them.

This remains a book that the moment I’m done with an issue, I want to pick up the next one.

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