Captain Marvel #4, #5, and #6 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Captain Marvel #4, Captain Marvel #5, and Captain Marvel #6 by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Dexter Soy, Emma Rios, and Al Barrionuevo
Average rating: 5/5 stars

Captain Marvel #4 Captain Marvel #5 Captain Marvel #6

Erica gives this comic five starsCaptain Marvel #4 by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art: Dexter Soy and Al Barrionuevo

Continuing to love Carol spending time with the Banshees and helping them fight against the Kree technology. Even more interesting that they are stuck in Peru. And that the Japanese fighter pilots know nothing about what’s happening either. Interesting how quickly everyone picks up this technology.

I adore Carol’s conversation with Jerri. Yay for female friendships. They’re pretty awesome together. I love this level of mentorship in the book.

More time travel! This time Carol’s going to meet Helen to unravel the mystery. So much fun.

Erica gives this comic five starsCaptain Marvel #5 by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art: Emma Rios

I love Rios being on this title. Makes me so happy with joy. I love how she draws Helen. There’s a major fierceness in her style that brings to life the character so much.

Though I do hope that Rios starts to sort out what’s going on with Carol’s hair. Definitely the book’s biggest mystery of all.

I love Helen bringing out her brass knuckles to break into Howard’s place. And it doesn’t surprise me that Carol had to use her powers before she was able to build more trust with Helen. Her super fast flying certainly caused some concern.

I love how much this story is about women who are told no and then rebel. Though the time travel is getting a little wonky.

Erica gives this comic five starsCaptain Marvel #6 by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art: Emma Rios

Jessica Drew having to check in on Tracy is perfect. I love how much they dislike each other, but how much they both respect and love Carol.

Now this is how you tell a story. I love that Helen set everything up when she was older to have the chance of getting Carol’s powers. It doesn’t surprise me that Helen would be so brash in order to try to steal the powers.

As much as Carol verse Carol got old in other books, it spoke a lot to Carol’s character and her determination to live, be a superhero, and get back to her responsibilities that she’d win the race. Pretty damned amazing. And of course, she made it to Tracy’s surgery.

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