Short hiatus

Hey friends,

This review blog is going to take a short hiatus. This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop reading or reviewing comic books, but just that it’s hard to focus on my writing and focus on making this blog better technology and design wise.

My hiatus will end with my annual year in review post on December 31, 2017, so keep an eye out for that.

If you want to follow me in other places, you can find me updating my Goodreads on what I’m reading or become a Patreon for exclusive previews, content, and more insights into my diverse set of writing.


Erica McGillivray

Chicks Dig Comics

Chicks Dig Comics
Take a look; I have an essay in a book!
Okay, March passed me by, but April’s a whole new month…

On April 10th, I’m please to announce that Chicks Dig Comics is being published. I have an essay in it called “Tripping Through the Looking Class, Stepping Into Gotham City: Cosplay, Creation, and Community.” In which I talk about cosplay and how it lead to my involvement in GeekGirlCon. You’ll have to read it to find out more.

I’m super excited as it’s my first published work. Plus, it features some of my favorite comic book authors such as Gail Simone, Jen Van Meter, Greg Rucka, Marjorie Liu, and Terry Moore. And some of my favorite people that I’ve known through fannish circles like Caroline Pruett, Kelly Thompson, and Sigrid Ellis. These very talented women (and a couple men) have written great essays that you don’t want to miss.

I’m super thrilled and excited. In fact, my early author’s copies came right as Emerald City Comicon started this year, and I’m already getting other contributors to sign to one of my copies. Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.

Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to announce a signing that I’m doing (with other contributors) for the book!

Geeky Women Happenings in Seattle: Ladies Night and Geek Girl Con

Recently, there’s been a lot of happenings in Seattle and geeky women.

The first was the local comic book store, Comics Dungeon had a Ladies’ Night on August 14th. There were cookies and comics. Lots of gabbing about our favorites books, and I met a lot of lovely ladies.

The following are some photos with me in them, snagged from Comics Dungeon’s Facebook page.

Ladies Comic Night at the Comics Dungeon Jennifer and Erica
Jennifer K. Stuller signing her book, Ink-Stained Amazons and Cinematic Warriors
Ladies Comic Nigh at Comic Dungeon Jennifer, Amanda, Erica, and Uhura
Gabbing about comics and being geek
Ladies Comic Night at the Comics Dungeon Jennifer, Amanda, Erica, and Uhura
OMG, ladis in the comic book store!

The second happening is the initial planning for Geek Girl Con. The convention date is TBD 2011 in Seattle, but will be a whole lot of fun. I’ll be directing marketing efforts for the convention. So stay tuned for more information.

New Year: Re-Direction, e-Baying, and New Writers

My attention to comics the past six months was wanning. I moved to Seattle and left behind my local comic book store, Atomic Comics. My comics friends moved away and, in some cases, completely out of my life.

Because of this, I gained a new life outside the comforting white noise of my computer and reading comics. So much so that I turned in my mod-ing cape over at and put to rest or added other people to my other online activities. I stopped reading comic blogs. I stopped debating. I stopped reading several titles. I was even behind on She-Hulk.

However, I did manage to go to Comic-Con in San Diego with amaresu and meet Dan Slott (plus other authors). I think he thought I was 12, given my tendency to wear pig-tails, and showed me some of the early art for his last few issues of She-Hulk.

My slump ended when I met this boy.

That’s always how this story starts, doesn’t it. It’s like my dirty secret is my comic life started and re-started because of boys. Though I maintain my integrity in that I’ll listen to suggestions on what to read, but I always pick it myself, even if I get made fun of. And I have.

So the boy, he loves comics. He’d also kind of fallen away in his move across the United States. He agrees with me that we still haven’t found a comic book store in the Seattle area we really like. It’s a need for a mixture of customer service and stock – both new and old – that we’re still searching for.

Did I mention there’s not a comic store within 12 miles of my house? And I live in Seattle proper.

My boy knows my love of She-Hulk. He’s also good with the e-Bay. For my birthday and Yule, he presented me with a good portion of The Sensational She-Hulk and She-Hulk’s time with The Fantastic Four, among other things. I have a lot of reading to do.

And some catching up. I’m still not sure what to think about Peter David’s voyage into the title.

What I do know is that I’m almost finished reading the entire run of The Savage She-Hulk in an essential volume and the boy is bidding on e-Bay so I can tell just what color the She-Hulk robot in #3 is.


Welcome to my blog about comic books. I’m a giant geek who does many geeky things, and one of those things is review comic books. I love She-Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Batwoman, and the Midnighter. My opinions are all my own, and I love comic books, even when I hate them. Because it’s okay to like problematic things, as long as you acknowledge the problems and want them to get better.

And I want comic books to get better.

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