Ignition City (Vol 1) Graphic Novel Review

Ignition CityErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

Ignition City by Warren Ellis

I love Warren Ellis because he loves space in the same way I do. The belief that we should be in space and exploring it. But also the belief that we’re scared and that the government may even outlaw going into space as they do in Ignition City.

Ellis creates a world where people have extensively explored space, but there were a lot of dangers and wars and terrible things in space. Along with the awesome things. And soon every government starts shutting down their spaceports.

Ignition City is the story of Mary Raven, a space pilot. She’s the daughter of one of the first space pilots Rock Raven, and he’s been murdered so she goes to investigate. (At this point, Mary reveals that she’s lost her spaceship to the British government.)

Ignition City itself is something like the Wild West. It’s full of disgruntled space pilots stuck on Earth that have become despondent to life. Additionally, there are aliens living there, and the text seems to suggest that this is the only place on Earth where aliens are living. In Ignition City’s own way, it’s like a prison. But like a good Western town, there’s a pub owned by Gayle Ransom, who was one of the first three humans in space.

Mary is clearly very different than the people living in Ignition City. She’s younger, and she still has real hope that some day humans will go back into space. Mary can speak the languages of the aliens, and while she doesn’t entirely trust anyone living in Ignition City, she does give everyone a chance.

Mary finds out pretty quickly who’s responsible for her father’s death, but she doesn’t know the entire story of why he was killed. (Also, don’t read the back of the trade because it spoils you for who killed Rock.) Spoilers now commencing in this review: Continue reading “Ignition City (Vol 1) Graphic Novel Review”