Steven Universe Volume 1: Warp Tour (Issues #1-4) Review

Steven Universe Volume 1: Warp Tour (Issues #1-4)

Tawny gives this comic book 3 stars out of 5Steven Universe Volume 1: Warp Tour (Issues #1-4)

Written by Rebecca Sugar, Melanie Gillman, and Jeremy Sorese
Illustrated by Katy Farina and Missy Pena
Also featuring art and stories by Sam Bosma, Kali Ciesemier, Joceline Fenton, Jackie Forrentino, Stu Livingston, Raven M. Molisee, and Mad Rupert

Review by Tawny Rose Case

I’m a huge fan of Rebecca Sugar’s work and of Steven Universe in particular. Up until now I’ve only been familiar with the cartoon on Cartoon Network. This was my first dive into the comics. What I love about the show is its ability to introduce complex problems and situations which the characters, primarily Steven, learn to resolve through magic, or through the power of friendship. Give me a sweet soft boy surrounded by magical female-coded superheroes any day.

While none of these stories dove as deeply as any particular episode of the cartoon, each one gives the reader a little slice of a day in the life in Beach City. Continue reading “Steven Universe Volume 1: Warp Tour (Issues #1-4) Review”