GoGirl! Graphic Novel Review

GoGirl!Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsGoGirl! by Trina Robbins
Art: Anne Timmons

GoGirl! is beyond adorable. The story centers around Lindsay, who becomes the teenage superhero GoGirl, and her mother, Janet Goldman, who once was the superhero Go-Go Girl. Janet is pretty much the typical mother who loves her daughter, and she’s worried about her growing up. Of course, Lindsay has inherited her mother’s powers.

Lindsay becomes GoGirl to save her best friend Haseena from kidnappers, and she has no secret identity. I love the fact that Janet finds out immediately that her daughter’s been hiding superpowers and now using them.

Robbins’ strongest writing point is her portrayal of the mother-daughter relationship. Janet both is the overprotective parent and the mom who wants her daughter to grow into a strong, independent woman. While she doesn’t want Lindsay to be a superhero — mostly in that it’s a dangerous profession — she does work to train her daughter and supports her. Continue reading “GoGirl! Graphic Novel Review”