Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol 1 Graphic Novel Review

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol 1Erica gives this comic one star.Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol 1 by Grant Morrison
Art: Yanick Paquette

I did not go into this book and expect to like it. It sat on my shelves for months. I even took it on trips with me. (Usually on long flights, I like to break up my prose reading with at least one graphic novel.) Nothing could get me to read it until I suggested it for ladies comic book club.

And then I felt really guilty when no one liked it. (Except one woman, we’ll give Morrison his one fan.)

Before I dive into the writing — which fits my theory that Morrison writes comic books thinking about the graduate school papers that will be written on them — I want to talk about the art. Yanick’s gotten a lot of praise for this book, and for the most part, it’s pretty art. It’s bold. It’s Wonder Woman and on brand. Nathan Fairbairn’s colors give it the primary-colored superhero journey. I particularly adored Etta as the plus-sized hottie with her Texas attitude.

I really loved how Yanick simplified Diana’s first Wonder Woman costume and gave her pants. More artist should look at this and consider that it’s actually somewhat easy to do this. Too many have overthought what she should wear, but Yanick captures it brilliantly. Continue reading “Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol 1 Graphic Novel Review”