Love is Love Graphic Novel Review

Love is LoveLove is Love edited by Marc Andreyko
Rating: 2/5 stars

This book took me forever to finish it. I wanted stories by queer creators celebrating queerness. In the wake of tragedy and for about two months after the Pulse shooting, all I wanted was to immerse myself in stories of queerness. To wrap myself around the tales of our culture, and this was one of the book sitting in my to-read pile.

My first reading slowdown was because so many of these stories focus on the horror of the Pulse shooting, and it was too much. The juxtaposition of repeated trauma from real life and media’s tendency to bury your gays — the trope where queer characters are killed off — was too much. I can’t help but feel survivors of any tragedy would want to celebrate life over force us to endure more death. I expected one or two comics to feature the dead, or meditations on them, but it’s an entire third of the book.

The second slowdown was when it was clear so many stories were by cishet straight people, missing nuances of queer life and meditating on their allyship or how to talk to their kids. Continue reading “Love is Love Graphic Novel Review”