Helena Rose Comic Book Review

Helena RoseErica Gives This Comic Four StarsHelena Rose by E.O. Levendorf
Art: Sonia Liao

This is a lovely book. I’ve been excited to pick up the new titles by new comic imprint Emet Comics, and I’m happy to report enjoying this book. The world building here is great. I love the idea of the people with flowers for hearts and the Rose family. It certainly would make diagnosing heart disease very different. I also like the twist that they’re in space and the blend of technology with organic living.

Helena’s life starts off with a fright. The twist that she must forever live with a bubble around her head gave her a difference from the other characters, who seem to be absorbed in some kind of creative pursuit. Of course, Helena’s not going to live as long as everyone else, and of course, her parents hide it from her. You can tell this is a world where bad things rarely happen. And if they do, you can forget them, or relive your greatest memories.

The one thing that made me raise my eyebrow was how is Helena supposed to eat, if at one point Philip, her brother, says she can’t smell a flower due to the bubble. There would have to be an access point.

I can’t tell if Galileo is supposed to be a stand-in for an adult or the comedy relief. I do hope he doesn’t become annoying.

It’s was so sad to see Helena cause her family to forget her. Especially when we remember how her mother’s kiss brought her to life and how much her brother longed to be by her side on every adventure. Somehow, I think we’ll be running into Uncle Isaac before too long. I also hope her family won’t be sidelined by the charlatan selling the poison to “cure” Helena.

And I really want more of this, but I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting #4 Comic Book Review

Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting #4Erica gives this comic five starsFinding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting #4 by Justine Prado
Art: Jenn St-Onge

I didn’t realize this comic book only went to four print issues (so far), so super short post to talk about this one issue, friends.

I loved Hunter being her terrible boss at the startup. This is definitely how life goes, when you think that you’ll never see someone again and you don’t want to, they show up in your life again. Also makes sense that Hunter seems extremely unqualified for what he’s doing, and as a white dude, it doesn’t matter. Someone thinks the “sweet” boy has potential.

The house with too many cats was fun. And how Molly keeps trying to count, but then loses track. I also wouldn’t want to scoop all those boxes. But it’s no wonder that some cats snuck their way into Molly’s purse and car.

Driving for Oinker, oh the gig economy. It’s very realistic that all the artists have other jobs. That all people are struggling in this world.

Though Molly will soon need to learn how not to waste all her weekends working for someone else. And only doing it when she really needs to.

I do hope that more of Prado and St-Onge’s series is collected into books.