Loose Ends #1 Comic Book Review

Loose Ends #1Erica gives this comic two starsLoose Ends #1 by Jason Latour
Art: Chris Brunner

Okay, I got this issue because of the cover art. Or well, it ended up my to-read pile because the cover art features a black woman as a Madonna (in the Medieval art sense) and the rest of the layout look interesting. But I should know never to judge a book by its cover. Especially a comic book. The issue I have features the original cover in the backmatter, and well, I would never bothered. So maybe I’d be back to where I started by judging it via its cover.

So let’s talk about the tone of this book. Violent. Masculine. Desperate. People compare Latour as a writer to Jason Aaron, and the back cover features a quote from Aaron about the book.

The main character Sonny is a vet and a (maybe) former drug dealer. He’s trying to find himself or make amends for his past. Which includes paying off a woman Kim, who seems like she’s his baby momma for a baby he hasn’t ever seen. Kim works in a seedy bar in the middle of nowhere. Continue reading “Loose Ends #1 Comic Book Review”