Anna Mercury (Vol 1): The Cutter Graphic Novel Review

Anna Mercury (Vol 1): The CutterErica gives this comic three stars

Anna Mercury (Vol 1): The Cutter by Warren Ellis
Art: Facundo Percio

I’m finding myself a little take-it or leave-it with Ellis these days. I think I almost find his “non-fiction” writing more compelling than his comic books.

That said, I do think the story of having other half-constructed Earths orbiting the Earth and that they’re kind of based on some science Ellis probably read is kind of interesting. But the best thing this book has going for it is the character Anna. She’s a fun character who goes from superhero to just grouchy government worker depending on which world she’s on. Even if her whole Anna Mercury persona is ridiculous — big hair and tight suit — who risks her life all the time, Anna is at home, looking awful and scratching her butt. She’s my kind of well-rounded woman. And she’s the reason why even after only mildly liking this book, I will be picking up more.

Percio’s art is what really brings this book down for me. He’s very inconsistent, and he has a certain way of drawing people that even when they’re supposed to be attractive (see Anna Mercury), they aren’t. Granted, Anna’s in some situations where she’d have stress face or whatever, but a lot of time she ends up looking like 90-years-old. I don’t know what it is, but I often find myself disappointed in the art on Ellis’ creator-owned projects.

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