Magic Trixie Graphic Novel Review

Magic TrixieErica gives this comic three stars

Magic Trixie by Jill Thompson

I believe perhaps I am just too old for Magic Trixie. These aren’t really my life struggles at this point in my journey — Trixie deals with a new, baby sibling who’s getting all the attention — so it’s hard for me to connect with the book.

Thompson, known for her art, definitely did a great job there. Trixie’s world is cute and adorable. Her talking cat is probably my favorite character, and I love the style.

Trixie’s cast of magical friends were fun. And Thompson using show and tell as a major event in their lives seemed very true for her age group. I remember kids in my class bringing in their younger siblings as their “item.” And I might’ve done it myself.

Cute, but overall, not for me.

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