Rose and Isabel Graphic Novel Review

Rose and IsabelErica gives this comic five stars

Rose and Isabel by Ted Mathot

I picked up this graphic novel randomly at the last Emerald City Comicon. I love going to comic conventions to meet indie artists and find their books. I can’t ever decide if ECCC is becoming a better or worse venue for this. But that’s neither here nor there. Usually, when I’m looking, I try to find books by people I don’t know and ones featuring “strong” women protagonists.

Rose and Isabel definitely fits the “strong” woman bucket. In fact, there was such an emphasis on it that I started off the book a bit skeptical if I was going to really like it. Or if Rose and Isabel were going to fall into the trap of being men with boobs.

Mathot’s art is well done. I really enjoyed his style, and this helped start the tale off on a good foot. It definitely had an animator feel.

Mathot starts off the tail recounting warrior women through myth and history. Women who’s led armies or gone off to fight wars. Mythical heroes who seem a bit far removed from what we know via history as patriarchal societies and histories. And I’m not really sure that Rose and Isabel needs this. I’m not sure if it conveys that Mathot hoped it would. Especially Continue reading “Rose and Isabel Graphic Novel Review”