Cairo Graphic Novel Review

CairoErica Gives This Comic Four Stars

Cairo by G. Willow Wilson
Art: M.K. Perker

I continue to love the magical realist stories told by Wilson, especially in how her characters adapt to the world that doesn’t necessarily behave in the ways they think it should. She uses magical realism as a great tool to show the different qualities and personalities of the various characters and of her setting, Cairo.

Perker’s art is wonderful here. And I really appreciated the black and white art instead of it being colored. I felt that it allowed for more detail to pop in his work. As much as I enjoyed his pencils in Air, I almost like them better here. And I feel having the book in black and white makes me focus more on the characters’ different features than using short-cuts based on coloring like “so-and-so has brown hair.” Which that Perker can make them all look different enough from each other to be distinguishable speaks volumes of him as an illustrator.

Okay, onto Cairo‘s story… On one hand, I love what Wilson says about Cairo and the changing Arab world in the story; but the ending, it kind of kills it for me. Continue reading “Cairo Graphic Novel Review”