Crime Bible — Three Reactions

I finally finished Crime Bible. I love the character of Renee Montoya, her ups and downs. She’s one of the best representations of a woman, a lesbian, a Hispanic, a superhero, and a person in DC comics. Her story was my favorite in 52 (Black Adam a close second) and from there I started reading her back story in Gotham Central, which is one of my all-time favorite comics.

My first gut reaction: That’s all. You’re finishing it there, Rucka?

My second: Does DC not believe that Renee/The Question is a viable market? Then what was all the “check out lesbian Batwoman” promotions during 52‘s run? Why are there no ads for Renee’s new series at the end of the limited one?

My third: When I talked with Rucka at the San Diego Comic Con last summer, he told me about how he’s really enjoyed writing Renee growing and changing from how she hit rock bottom when her partner died and now had her stuff together at the end of 52.

Okay, during the first two issues, I see the Renee who has her stuff together. However, then there’s her confrontation in #3 where Kathy and Flay’s entire we’ve been fucking with you slow reveal…

We all like our messed up characters. But I’m just wonder where crime cult leader Renee Montoya is going to lead her followers.

And if DC’s would rather all the followers turn their religious devotion to Gaius Baltar if they’re not interested in marketing what could be one of the darkest stories since all their beloved Dark Knight tales.

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  1. Montoya’s story in 52 also got me looking into back issues and trades of Gotham Central. I think what Rucka’s done with her as The Question has been intriguing and great reading (although I might be biased because I LOVE Rucka’s stuff). They aren’t planning to do anything more with The Question? No series? Limited or otherwise? That’d be sad.

    As for Crime Bible, I felt a bit disappointed that it ended the way it did. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the series, but the ending was a bit of a letdown — unless of course, DC is planning to do something more with the story, then that’d be fine by me and they’d have another buyer for the title! 🙂

  2. I’m a little bias as well since I have the Rucka-love too. I’ve read that she’s supposed to be in the next limited series crossover event and part of a spin-off of that which is I believe another limited. I know that Rucka wants to bring her to Hub City, where the original The Question is from and do a series, but we’ll see. He’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con in a couple weeks so I’ll probably bug him there about Renee.

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