Fables: Camelot Vol 20 Graphic Novel Review

Fables: Camelot Vol 20 Erica gives this comic two starsFables: Camelot Vol 20 by Bill Willingham
Art: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Russ Braun, Barry Kitson, Andrew Pepoy, and Gary Erskine

So Rose Red finally gets her hero’s story. Or her shabby phoned-in one. Instead of getting to learn more about herself and unite the people, Rose gets pushed around by Hope and given Arthur’s Camelot storyline. Where apparently, nothing can change, and Rose is destined to be pitted against Snow, her sister.

Of course, Brandish is still alive, and for some reason, this man is going to drive the sisters apart again. Seriously, fill that stupid hole up with concrete and leave him be.

Oh boring.

Also, we finally kill Bigby, but we still need to have a large story about him. Bigby to rule the afterlife. Bigby to decide the fate of the world. But at least he gets some kind of agency and choice, unlike Rose, who’s being forced into an archetype. Yay!

The Lady of the Lake foresaw her own death, and those wolf children are not to be messed with. Wow, this is becoming quite the mess in needing of wrapping up.

I also don’t understand Willingham’s continuing obsession with keeping Geppetto in play as a villain. Also another character to throw away the key with.

This book is definitely ready to be retired.

Watch Rose Red act like Arthur and buy Fables Vol. 20: Camelot.

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