Fables Vol 21: Happily Ever After Graphic Novel Review

Fables Vol 21: Happily Ever AfterErica gives this comic one star.Fables Vol 21: Happily Ever After by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges
Art: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Andrew Pepoy, Dan Green, Eric Shanower, Tony Akins, Shawn McManus, Nimit Malavia, Jae Lee, Terry Moore, Russ Braun, and Chrissie Zullo

I thought this was going to be the final chapter of Fables. Nope, they are dragging it out. Issue #150, the final one, will be supersized and all its own trade. It’s great to already feel ripped off before I even buy it. Woohoo!

Currently, the biggest Fables mystery is how Brandish is still alive. I know there’s a magical spell and all that jazz. However, seems like he would be a prime target for everyone wanting to murder him. I know I do.

It’s hard for me not to cheer for Snow White and actually see a way that Rose Red will win this. I very much hate sexist plots that pit women against each other. I do not care if this legend around their mother Lauda has any credit in historical fables. It plays out as a bunch of sexist bullshit pitting women against each other and only having one women “win” in the end. And here we have Bigby being the prize.

Yep, the two sisters are fighting over a man.

(A man who Snow White married and had seven children with. But we can ignore the proceeding 100+ comic books.) Two women fighting over a man, it’s a misogynist dream come true!

I still cannot believe that no one’s really figured out that Leigh is a baddie until Rose Red. Seems like the most obvious thing of obviousness. Also, wouldn’t those magic users on the 13th floor sense some dark power. You’d think they’d want to do a clean sweep of the entire castle after what happened with Mr. Dark.

While it was satisfying to see Rose Red stab Leigh, it was disappointing to see that it was done for the power to control Bigby. A man!

The only part I really enjoyed was Blossom thinking that Maddy is a housepet. You’d think the cubs would be more understanding about animal fables.

Sad to see Beast and Ozma die. Though it’s not surprising that Willingham would start piling up the bodies in a way that he hasn’t done in the past. There’s definitely going to be some major consequences in the Mundy world. Which I don’t feel the last issue’s going to actually wrap up in a good way. It’s a whole new problem!

Prince Charming the imperialist! Yes, Willingham, let’s cheer him on and reward him narratively. Great! White guys rule!

Surprised to see Frau Totenkinder back — and wanting to be called by her old name — and supporting Rose Red. Seems like she’s always been on the side of Snow White and Bigby strategically and seem Rose Red as frivolous. The alliance is out-of-character, or there wasn’t enough development.

Yep, still don’t give a shit about Jack.

Did love Snow White’s wings on her black armor and continuing love and protection of her children.

Briar Rose continues to get the short end of the stick. Clever to ride them of Hadeon, but not so careful of Briar’s stories. She’s still most useful when sleeping and not doing it at all.

And Fables Vol. 21: Happily Ever After winds us down…

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