FF #7, #8, and #9 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for FF #7, FF #8, and FF #9 by Matt Fraction, Michael Allred, and Joe Quinones
Average rating: 4/5 stars

FF #7 FF #8 FF #9

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsFF #7 by Matt Fraction
Art: Michael Allred

I love seeing the entire Future Foundation team come together to fight the Wizard and Blastaar, including the children. Sure Scott had a mini-breakdown in the process. I do love that he kept coming back to the fact that the children insist on eating a lot of waffles and that they might choke on them. Somehow I think they have a higher risk of dying in a fight.

As much as I’m glad that Medusa isn’t actually evil, I am sad that the Wizard was playing with her to be his bride. It’s so icky, even in this lighter, funnier comic. I do like the addressing of families of many different types can exist, even ones that you create. The call out about the Wizard’s heteronormative family stereotype cracked me up.

I did find it amusing that even Medusa’s tiny body hairs act on their own and grab a tiny Scott.

The kids helping Darla when the Thing suite gets smashed was great. I hope there’s a replacement somewhere.

Lockjaw licking Medusa out of her spell was perfect. I’m glad to see the Inhumans aren’t taking Medusa back, and yeah, getting a talking to by Black Bolt is the worst punishment. But you don’t mess with his family.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsFF #8 by Matt Fraction
Art: Michael Allred

I loved Bentley-23 and Ahura getting attacked by the rest of the kids. Also that they expected them all to be in the kitchen eating food. Of course, Dragon Man was ready with cookies. Pretty typical, though that they were all too busy with their stuff to notice Johnny going nuts.

I’m not sure why She-Hulk’s so pissed off at Medusa. It’s not like any one of them couldn’t have been put under mind control. I get that the ceremony itself was full of bullshit, and I was okay with Jen calling that part out.

Not surprising that Alex didn’t realize Doom wouldn’t let him go. He’s making a teenage mistake of epic proportions to his safety. And I bet those are Doombots pretending to be his parents.

So now we’re fighting Kang, Annihilus, and Ravonna, in addition to Doom. Seems like even the regular Fantastic Four would meet their match.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsFF #9 by Matt Fraction
Art: Joe Quinones

I don’t object to some family fun in the pool in the summer.

Since the Fantastic Four have been everywhere and this is Fraction, I don’t doubt that somewhere in the Silver Age (most likely), they did actually help Julius Caesar. And while it’s a bit of a ridiculous plot, why not?

That said, I don’t know how I feel about their main mission being the rescue of the Fantastic Four. Mostly because it seems like if they do rescue them, then the two books must merge and then there will be no more FF. That would make me really sad.

Wu and Vil’s conversation was great. And I loved Bentley-23’s documentary about how they’re all growing up. All of them arrive at the same conclusion. Except that Wu and Vil have the whole thing about being rulers of the universe.

And yes, Alex’s tiny mustache is silly.

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