Halloween Eve Comic Book Review

Halloween EveErica Gives This Comic Four StarsHalloween Eve by Brandon Montclare
Art: Amy Reeder

A very fun comic book. I enjoyed it very much, and I’m very glad that I supported Montclare and Reeder’s Kickstarter for this project. I love magically realistic stories, which in many ways this wants to be. Either magical realism or some kind of dreamland.

Eve is a great character. Reeder takes enormous care to show all there is about her character in how she dresses and poses with Montclare giving her the attitude in her words. I adore the “no” earrings. And her witchy stripes.

The retail store world that they create is perfect too. From the hustle and the bustle around the holiday to the cranky manager Carlos. Same with Bernardo the quiet guy and Ingrid, the cranky and quiet clerk. Not to mention Raymond, who the guy who kind of sweet, but dumb, that always tries to cheer you up on your bad days.

I love that Eve takes time by herself as she cleans up to dress up. Dress up as a witch after being called so. I can totally see a Halloween shop being creepy enough that you’d start thinking you were hearing things. Even if she does end up beyond the looking glass.

Raymond as the dummy was perfect. Halloween world was very much like Oz, and I’m kind of glad that Eve ends up in the Dorothy Gale costume. It’s very fitting and is a nice lampshade.

Halloween land is fun. I enjoyed Eve’s first take on it being that celebrating Halloween every day would be boring. And Eve’s keen observation about women looking in mirrors being scarier than the devil (Carlos). And, of course, everything about this Halloween land was a mirror reflection about life and about them.

Overall, this is a very fun book, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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