Hawkeye #1, #2, and #3 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Hawkeye #1, Hawkeye #2, and Hawkeye #3 by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero
Average rating: 4.6/5 stars

Hawkeye #1 Hawkeye #2 Hawkeye #3

Erica gives this comic five starsHawkeye #1 by Kelly Thompson
Art: Leonardo Romero

This book is peak Kate. Seriously. Thompson is on her game here, and Romero’s art is incredible. Both do a wonderful collaboration in capturing the voice, tone, and style so well. Bravo.

I absolutely loved the calls out to both Bendis’ and Fraction’s styles. They are nice nods to what those writers have done with other Marvel books with Hawkeyes and private detectives. Not to mention how everyone wants to punch Clint. It’s a great on-going MCU gag.

I kind of love that Kate is in Venice Beach. It’s nice to see a hero not in NYC. Even if she’s loyal and has her hoodie.

This is just a joy to read. Kate’s so pushy and take charge. Trees are nature’s ladders.

Erica gives this comic five starsHawkeye #2 by Kelly Thompson
Art: Leonardo Romero

Only Kate would accidentally stumble onto a cult. TBC has many elements of MRAs and other hate groups. Only TBC is a little more diverse for anyone who they can recruit.

I’m interested to see how Quinn fully integrates into this story. So far, his relationship with Kate has been discovering she cannot use computers. I don’t really understand why and how she can’t do basic things. Quinn can do Oracle-like things, but the basic stuff?

Detective Rivera is pretty much exactly what cops do about online harassment. Sadly, not surprising.

In other news, Ramone is the very best. I like how we find out that Mikka’s her ex-kind-of-not-girlfriend. Relationships are complicated.

The frat boy trying to mansplain to Kate about shooting arrows and how she couldn’t shoot two arrows at a time. She can, and she does. Right into their asses.

These TBC people are pretty freaking creepy. I’m waiting to see who actually is behind everything. I wonder if this is going to be the work of a supervillain or if it’s going to be a regular creepo. I kind of hope it’s going to be a creepo.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsHawkeye #3 by Kelly Thompson
Art: Leonardo Romero

Good to know that Detective Rivera isn’t as clueless as she first pretended to be. Nor does she brush off internet harassment like so many other detectives. Which is a refreshing change from real life.

Good thing Kate knows how to swim. Same with Rivera. Though I wonder how much she actually revealed herself. I guess the thing about mobs, specially brainwashed ones, is that only the mastermind behind said mob is going to be able to call a shot like knocking Kate off the peer.

Ramone is sure the center of everything. Of course, helpful guy is her brother. She’s going to get to know Kate way better than she ever wanted to.

I like how frat boys are Kate’s weakness. I suppose it’s how she was raised.

The house adventure was the best part of this issue. I loved the nooks and crannies. Including when Kate walks in on the guy on the toilet. After picking the bathroom lock. The library and the mirror was pretty great too.

Mikka is just a little covered in those TBC patches.

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