Heralds #1, #2, and #3 Comic Reviews

Comic book reviews for Marvel’s Heralds #1, Heralds #2, and Heralds #3 by Kathryn Immonen

Heralds #1 Heralds #2 Heralds #3

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsHeralds #1 by Kathryn Immonen

I really like this story; it’s over-the-top, silly, completely implausible, and a whole lot of fun. That’s exactly what I was looking for in this team-up.

Emma being cranky about her birthday suits her just perfect. She is Emma after all. And Scott forcing her to celebrate and have a surprise party works really well. Same with putting together a room full of women that Emma vaguely knows.

Of course, I adore Emma, Monica, Patsy, Jen, and Abigail. They are five of my all-time favorite characters. They’re all kick ass ladies. No doubt, whatever threat is coming after them, they can take care of it.

I feel like a bad fan for not being able to figure out who Frankie is. I guess I’ll keep reading. Keep reading happily.

Erica gives this comic three starsHeralds #2 by Kathryn Immonen

This entire story, I was completely distracted by She-Hulk’s hair. I know. I should be concentrating on important things like plot. But nope, She-Hulk’s new bob distracted me the entire way through. Especially since she seemingly had longer hair in Heralds #1. I don’t really care either way, but I like things consistent. You can’t change uniform styles or haircuts mid-way through a fight scene.

I also found that I am not a fan of Harren’s art. It didn’t match up well with Zonjic’s. And Harren’s art left me feeling jarred, and not just because I was trying to figure out what happened with She-Hulk’s hair. Not that she can’t have a new style or short hair. Harren’s art just doesn’t lend itself to showcasing hair.

I’m waiting for Immonen to bring together the two stories that she’s telling. Everyone seems to be right on track, but I’m rather curious just how the other women know Frankie.

Many of the biggest criticisms about Heralds is the seemingly random team-up of female characters. I bought Immonen’s initial explanation of Emma’s birthday party, so I’m curious about the next part.

I love the bits of human touches when Monica and Emma reanimate the dead guy for their clue-findings. I also like them all as a team. Their powers work well off each other. Especially as Patsy tries to flirt with the security guard to get access to the body, but Emma just whammies him.

I’m still looking forward to the next issue. I just hope to get more consistent art. Or art I enjoy.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsHeralds #3 by Kathryn Immonen

I really loved the details in Frankie’s dream about her life with Johnny. Because they’re both fire metas, her dream takes place in a desert; they’re alone; he burning food out on a grill; and she’s burning the clothing she’s trying to iron. Plus, they’re red hot mad at each other for one reason or another.

Immonen does a great job at playing with all the team member’s personal history with the Fantastic Four. From Emma who doesn’t really know them to Jen and Patsy, who Valeria refers to as her aunties and takes them to her room.

Harren’s art is still not my favorite. But this issue didn’t seem quite as jarring as the last.

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