I, Zombie #1 and The Littlest Zombie #1 Comic Book Reviews

At the last comic book show I went to, I picked up a couple zombie comic books I’d heard about and wanted to read. It seems like zombies are coming back in vogue.

Comic book reviews for Vertigo’s I, Zombie #1 by Chris Roberson and Antarctic Press’ The Littlest Zombie #1 by Fred Perry

I, Zombie #1 The Littlest Zombie #1

Erica gives this comic five starsI, Zombie #1 by Chris Roberson

I, Zombie is a very fun tale. I liked the kookiness of it and the humor, which reminded me of somewhere between Buffy: the Vampire Slayer and Boneyard. Which fills a nice gap in my entertainment consumption considering I don’t read the former’s comics and the latter has come to an end.

Michael Allred’s art really makes the comic book. His style adds to the fun and to the flavor. I really enjoy his Pop Art style, and I want to read more comics that he’s done the art for.

Gwen Dylan is a delightful character. Well as delightful as a zombie could be. Yes, a gravedigger really is the best job for someone who requires eating brains once a month. I love the twist that she doesn’t enjoy the taste of brains. In fact, she downright hates it.

Her ghost friend Ellie’s clearly from the 1960s with her mod-style. She’s a lot of fun. I really liked all the world-building that Roberson’s done. With the quick bits of other supernatural beings like vampires and werewolves, with some sort of supernatural patrol, makes me want to read the next one.

When this comes out in tradepaperback in March, I’ll definitely be picking it up.

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Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsThe Littlest Zombie #1 by Fred Perry

The Littlest Zombie isn’t exactly what I expected. A tiny zombie, yes, but perhaps less adorable than the title suggests. Though not completely without charm.

Turns out this a strange tale of a little zombie who’s hungry. One that needs food, but keeps getting brains stolen from him by the bigger and more giant zombies.

This is also a dystopian tale. One where due to eco-disasters, the human population has dwindled and there are zombies. There’s no real reason why there are zombies. But it’s easy to buy the whole zombie eco-apocalyptic thing. Especially as someone who worries about the environment.

In the story, a group of humans gets trapped. They’re going for a generator in an abandoned lab of sorts. And the zombies surround them. But it turns out that human life is a little more complex. There are bad humans who keep others like slaves, and one of the raiders has betrayed the others to them.

The littlest zombie watches all of this. He doesn’t quite understand what’s going on. But he waits as the other zombies die at the hands of the humans. He waits until the humans have been saved by their friends (the good guys).

And then the littlest zombie gets his prize: a brain. He mocks the other blown up zombies as he eats.

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