I, Zombie (Vol 1): Dead to the World Graphic Novel Review

I, ZombieErica gives this comic five stars

I, Zombie (Vol 1): Dead to the World by Chris Roberson
Art: Michael Allred

This is such a fun comic. It’s wondrously stylized and a gorgeous comic book. I, Zombie is a beautiful read. Even if it is about an undead woman that eats brains.

Roberson does a great job at setting up the characters. I appreciated that not all of them had met before, and that they all had different levels of knowledge about the supernatural. In five issues, Roberson sets up a lot of plots and a lot of stories that I can see becoming different arcs of the book.

Gwen as a character has a lot of heart. I like how John shows that Gwen following the thoughts of the dead comes from a place inside her heart, not something she’s compelled to do as a zombie. Her friendship with Ellie and Spot also attest to this.

While her tragic budding romance with Horatio is sweet, I’m a little disappointed to have the story so soon focus on her love life. I’d much rather have her dig up the past. Or learn more about the supernatural world. I find it interesting that Roberson is very clearly defining the rules and types of creatures in his world so quickly. Hopefully that won’t create a creative pickle later. (However, at least it won’t be like Lost.)

Nemia and the vampires definitely have an interesting business venture going on. But obviously Horatio and Diogenes are going to catch up with them pretty quickly. I just wish they weren’t such stereotypes of lustful women who can’t control their hunger.

Allred’s art and design is just amazing. I love the freshness and Pop Art feel to it. The characters are well-designed with a lot of thought about who they are and how they look. While I’m not always interested in the art extras at the back, these were well worth looking at and digesting. Just wonderful.

I’m really looking forward to reading more I, Zombie.

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  1. Ok, this sounds like it is going to be a nice read. Heard of the comic a little while back and stumbled on your review. Will listen to your advice and get my hands on a copy.


    what’s wrong with the undead 😛 😉

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