Invincible Iron Man #25, #26, and #27 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews Invincible Iron Man #25, Invincible Iron Man #26, and Invincible Iron Man #27 by Matt Fraction

Invincible Iron Man #25 Invincible Iron Man #26 Invincible Iron Man #27

Erica gives this comic three starsInvincible Iron Man #25 by Matt Fraction

Here Tony Stark is up and running. Or at least, kind of running because it turns out that all the character work Fraction’s done to Stark on his run of Invincible Iron Man has been forgotten by Tony since he forgot to back up his brain regularly. I hate when this happens.

I know I said, I was going to drop this title. However, then I read that in the more recent ones Pepper demands her Rescue suit and powers back. So ha.

But #25 has Tony taking back his company. Or perhaps, letting Pepper put it back together (like he told her to) and then undermining her by telling all the army’s investors off.

I do like the noble cause Stark Industries is going for: to make batteries that last forever and solve the energy crisis. But still. Tony couldn’t have placed one phone call to Pepper to tell her what his plan was. Not one word? Not one e-mail? Instead, Tony shows her up and embarrasses her. Ass. I suppose at least Fraction’s keeping me emotionally invested?

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsInvincible Iron Man #26 by Matt Fraction

I’m really enjoying the Hammer women as villains. Especially with their overly flashy and overly weaponized Detroit Steel. Such an all-American name, which makes it even better that they’re selling it to whomever pays the most. Very American indeed. Also I love them hiring Spymaster.

Tony giving Steve a way to essentially kill him seems fair considering (while he didn’t pull the trigger), Tony was pretty responsible for Captain America’s death. I do feel sorry for Maria. She’s watching these men play these games; and she’s not getting her old job back. Which has to sting because everyone else (good guy wise) is.

Larroca forgot to draw the rest of Stark’s goatee when he’s giving the Stark press event. Instead, Tony just has a smarmy mustache.

Stark seems to be missing a few machines, when he assembles all the Iron Men. And you’d think he’d disassemble the original one enough so it did work, but that they could put it in a museum or something.

Erica gives this comic five starsInvincible Iron Man #27 by Matt Fraction

That’s right, my friends, Pepper’s back in style and form. Well, actually she has some minor surgery to recover from. And Tony has to build her a new suit, since apparently, he scrapped her old one along with all the old Iron Man tech.

I love how Pepper ambushes Tony. No, she’s not going to drop it. Tony may not remember what he promised her while on the run (nor did he remember the sex), but he trusts Pepper’s not going to give up. That’s what I love about her. I kind of expected Tony to tell Pepper that if she told him about his time on the run, then she’d be able to become Rescue again.

I also instantly adore Bambi Arbogast. I love that she has her ethical interests in making a lot of money. And I love how she instantly one-ups Tony when he says that he wishes he’d invested in hippie farms too. Additionally, she’s so wonderfully connected to the latest news and technology information. There’s nothing more perfect than when Bambi’s phone and Tony’s ring at the same time about Tokyo. Tony’s always better when he’s surrounded by a team of confident women.

And Rodey. I can’t wait to read about War Machine and Iron Man kicking ass side-by-side. Even if Rodey’s speech about betting all his winnings in Vegas did not promise a happy ending.

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