Kim & Kim #4 Comic Book Review

Kim & Kim #4Erica gives this comic five starsKim & Kim #4 by Magdalene Visaggio
Art: Eva Cabrera

Kim’s mom is like my very favorite person. It was also great to have an adult here as Kim and Kim continue to fuck up. Which I’m okay with.

Sometimes, I just want those girls to win. But they are always back at square zero. Like I want them to maybe get half a bounty. Or get it all and then realize that next month was a thing. Or have them price repairs and realize that was unaffordable.

The grumpy tattooed lady that they first talk to on the planet is also one of my favorites. There are so many great characters and variations on women in this book. It’s the best.

I really hope this book continues on. (Spoilers, it is!) I am not a fan of four issue trades. I get Black Mask is a small publisher, but four issues doesn’t give a team a lot of room to stretch. Or realize that Kim’s asymmetrical haircut constantly changes sides depending which way her face is facing. (Shout-out to my fellow asymmetrical haircut friend Nicole who pointed this out at ladies comic book club. She then wished for this superpower herself.)

I do want more of these ladies. I want more bounty shenanigans. I want more complex parent-child relationships. I want more queerness all the time. Also space. I love things in space.

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