Ladies in Superhero Movies

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow,

I know I should never read USA Weekly, especially after the whole “Vinnie” thing. (Vincent Lecavalier is hockey player from Quebec; I doubt he goes by Vinnie.) But someone linked an interview of you, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Liv Tyler about your roles as heroines in superhero movies, “Girls want to have fun, too.”

I would just like to correct you that women do in fact enjoy comics. In fact, we’re rather a growing audience. I know what you were told by the boys, but there are some really amazing women in comics, both with super powers and without.

Which, by the way, Pepper Potts is one of them. And out of the three of you, your role as Pepper was the most kick ass. Pepper actually helps destroy the bad guy, instead of getting captured by him, unlike Tony Stark. (Okay, I haven’t seen Incredible Hulk, but I’ll still bet my pennies on Pepper.) And I wouldn’t doubt the power of a well-tailored suit to make you attractive on screen.

Perhaps you’d enjoy reading a more positive take on Pepper than your own.

Thank you,

Woman who reads comics and enjoys superhero movies

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  1. Actually, Betty in TIH holds her own, too. Not quite as good as Pepper, who’s still the clear winner in girl power this summer. But yeah, I was pleasantly surprised watching Hulk to see that Betty got to kick some ass of her own.

    By the way, that website you linked to absolutely rocks.

  2. Nice to hear. I figure I might try to hit up TIH the first weekend in August. It’ll be nice to be the only one in the theater instead of the crammed sold-out showings I’ve been to recently to TDK and Hellboy II.

    I’ve definitely found some more food for thought there.

  3. But Rachel Dawse (even though she isn’t really a COMIC-BOOK character) fought and helped defeat corruption in Gotham City, helped save young Bruce when he was fallen (both figuratively and when she was just 8), and had the last laugh by zapping a lunatic Scarecrow. Granted, all these happened in 2005, but still, awesome character!

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