Love and Capes (vol 2): Going to the Chapel Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (vol 2): Going to the ChapelErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (vol 2): Going to the Chapel by Thomas F. Zahler

As you can probably guess, I could draw hearts all over this book. I’m completely enamored with Abby and Mark and their relationship. Of course, like any good romantic comedy, it’s time for them to get married.

I loved Mark going to everyone to ask them how he should propose marriage to her. Blurstreak, the Booster Gold/Flash character, is pretty funny. I love him as the bachelor in the tale. The one who gives the worst advice to Mark. Mark’s parents reaction was so cute. And I love Charlotte being the one to point out how horrible public proposals are. Thank you, Zahler! Public proposals are awful and completely manipulative to get the person to say “yes.”

Adored that Mark ended up whisking Abby away to Hawaii to propose. Giving it some romance, sweetness, and privacy. Awe.

The continued story of Charlotte’s and Abby’s friendship is amazing. I love that Charlotte’s going to on with her life to make it better, including going to Paris for school. But that Abby misses her so much. (And hires a new worker, Jason, who can’t know the secret of Mark being the Crusader.) The snafu of Abby getting stuck in Paris without her passport was adorable. As was Mark’s parents working with her to get it shipped to her. (What you have to do when your super-powered partner gets stuck in a Secret Wars satire.)

The side very meta trip to the comic convention was pretty cute. I loved that Abby got really excited about the Crusader on Ice.

The Psi-Clone wasn’t my favorite superhero trope put in this book. Probably because I didn’t like to see Abby hurt or Abby being the last one to know that he was a clone, not really Mark.

Loved Paul and the conundrum of how he couldn’t be Mark’s best friend to keep their secret identities intact. And how Mark’s not a fan of Quincy, but that they’re working on their relationship.

So the issue with Abby as a superhero is my favorite thing ever. I’ve read the Lois Lane tale this was based on, and let me just say that Zahler did what that issue should’ve. Loved it. Adored that Abby goes to make the world better and that she seeks out the powers as a gift and a further understanding of Mark’s life. Loved all the commentary on the stupid costumes that many super powered women wear and that Abby actually goes on missions. So touching that Abby gives up her powers by realizing she can’t be a superhero when she can’t save everyone. And omg, the moment where the League puts her image and costume in the museum.

Oooh, adore Zoe and Abby becoming friends. Nothing will bring women together like fashion and alcohol. This makes me so happy that they don’t have to be enemies as it’s just not who Abby is. But cute that Abby still realized she drank too much when Amazonia got an invite to the wedding.

Abby saving Mark on their wedding day was the best thing ever. Such a better story than something going wrong with the wedding itself. And that Abby has to convince the entire League that there’s something wrong. It’s always cute when someone goes undercover by changing their hair color. Love it. And that it makes Abby late for her wedding. Good thing that the superheros help her out.

Glad that Paul was able to attend the wedding. And that Abby and Mark go back in time to see their own wedding. Huge misuse of superpowers, but adorable nonetheless.

Fall in love with Abby and Mark, buy Love and Capes Volume 2.

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