Love and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You Are Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You AreErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (vol 3): Wake Up Where You Are by Thomas F. Zahler

This book continues to warm my heart. I love Abby and Mark so much; they continue to be the cutest couple in superhero comics ever.

Zahler is doing a great job showing how they’re growing together, from how Mark knows to tell Abby that Charlotte’s running the store to end their honeymoon to Abby knowing Mark’s habit of getting chocolates on a bad day.

I’m happy to see Abby growing in her career as she takes on leading the local business association. And it’s fun to see Amazonia and Paul develop their relationship together and the friendship between Charlotte and Paul and Amazonia and Abby. Amazonia meeting Paul’s parents and actually impressing his dad was adorable in that way that sometimes your parents unexpectedly like your significant other, when you think they won’t.

I do have to agree with Zahler in his notes in the back, having Abby and Mark be able to buy the building that Abby’s store is in. However, it works well with growing Abby’s work responsibilities and the next step in their married relationship, to get a place together. Mark and the skylight was too funny.

I’m glad that they finally told Abby’s parents about Mark being the Crusader. And of course, they didn’t tell Quincy! Really cute that Mark went to Miles for home advice and how that made Miles feel like he was still needed in Abby’s life.

My favorite story was definitely Abby attending her high school reunion. Of course, she wanted to brag about Mark as the Crusader, but then could only tell everyone that her husband was an accountant. Lol. (Also loved John Cusack’s character from Grosse Pointe Blank in the background with his pen.) Abby’s nickname of “Skins” was too cute, and the story behind it was perfect for Abby.

Windstar’s death was pretty sad. It was nice to see that not everything is super happy in Mark and Abby’s world. There’s been a lot of awesome things happening in their lives, but like real life, not everything is hearts and rainbows.

Continue into the world of Abby and Mark, buy Love and Capes Volume 3: Wake Up Where You Are.

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