Love and Capes (Vol 4): What to Expect Graphic Novel Review

Love and Capes (Vol 4): What to ExpectErica gives this comic five starsLove and Capes (Vol 4): What to Expect by Thomas F. Zahler

Honestly, I wasn’t sure about how I’d feel about my favorite superhero and human couple, Mark and Abby, having a baby. I’m just not a fan of babies, and generally, these types of stories have me hiding my face. (I’ve never watched Knocked Up for instance.) However, Mark and Abby remain their adorable selves and their baby, like babies in real life, integrates into their lives. Plus, Zahler ends it with a great note.

I’m sad that this may be the final note of Love and Capes. Though you never know. Zahler may get tired of MLP.

I love the Doctor Karma brings his female counterpart Nathelia to help out Abby. I’m totally with her that female gynecologists are way better. I’m glad that Zahler acknowledged the superhero pregnancy trope, but made Abby safe.

The scene with Abby and Mark on the porch where Mark admits he’s scared about the baby and the pregnancy is priceless. One of the many scenes which shows why I love them.

Jason and Charlotte timing and betting on how many minutes Abby can go without puking due to morning sickness was classic. Love them. Same with the woman coming in the bookstore and freaking out Abby about how crazy childbirth and raising children can be. Love that Mark’s mom is the one who calms her down. The whole babysitting before the baby comes was also classic, but done all Love and Capes style.

The parallel of Darkblade having to chose his successor tied in nicely. Especially since he doesn’t have superpowers like Mark or Zoe. Plus, I’m always a huge fan of the rotating intern gag. It always works for me. Mrs. O’Longeran’s snark just adds to the fun.

Glad to see Charlotte and Paul’s friendship continue. I feel that there’s been less of it since Paul started seeing Amazonia.

Zoe’s dilemma and issues about having to go back home to become queen and take over from her ailing mother fit right in with everyone leveling up on their adult lives. They may not be having a kid, but Zoe’s choice made her a distinct life path. Her sister Oriana was pretty funny though. Especially in her interactions with Abby.

Loved Mark and Abby switching bodies. It worked so well for me, especially when sympathizing men say things like “we’re pregnant.” Now Mark knows all about it. Also, Abby got a break when she was very pregnant.

I love that Charlotte comes up with the idea of how to actually expand Abby’s business. It makes me so happy that they’re working together. Also that Abby’s still being a businesswoman.

The story at the end during James’ birth and him coming from the future to help out Mark was perfect. And that they even fool Darkblade. Such a parallel of when Abby has to rescue Mark on their first date in order for their wedding to work and Mark to live.

I already miss this book a ton.

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