Midnighter #7, #8, and #9 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Midnighter #7, Midnighter #8, and 9 by Steven Orlando, David Messina, ACO, and Hugo Petrus
Average rating: 4.6/5 stars

Midnighter #7 Midnighter #8 Midnighter #9

Erica gives this comic five starsMidnighter #7 by Steven Orlando
Art: ACO and Hugo Petrus

Was sad that Matt was Prometheus. Seemed like an extra long and absurd play from his part. In some ways, I wish there had been more foreshadowing than there was. Any hints to that fact before this issue (and the ending of the last one). Also, I seriously can’t believe the first trade ends at #6; it really should’ve ended on this issue.

Midnighter the hero very much shows what his heroism is made of when he destroys Prometheus and the house that features all the keys to the mystery of who Midnighter was.

What I did love what that Midnighter didn’t completely pull away from the world. He could’ve been suspicious about everyone else he’d ever met. He could’ve integrated Jason or even second-guessed his entire relationship with Andrew.

But no, we see Midnighter with a broken heart (and a broken body). We see him moving into his new place and hanging out with his friends. We see Midnighter giving Andrew the photo of him as a child. (Maybe a hint that someday there will be a reunion.) We see him continuing the fight because that’s who he is.


Erica gives this comic five starsMidnighter #8 by Steven Orlando
Art: David Messina

Gotta give this book props for keeping a similar art-style across the book with ever changing artists. Most books really don’t manage that. Props to the editorial team for keeping the vision.

Not sure about this entire Spyral thing as I don’t read the other books, so — Grayson aside — I don’t really know what’s up with them or what they’re about. I do, however, always like some Huntress. (Though I’m not sure which one this is.)

Love how Midnighter’s friends circle just keeps expanding. Props for Orlando for building up a diverse cast. Marina and Helena are also a welcomed add. Loved Midnighter showing up for her release.

Chimera are odd mythological creatures. Interesting to see them presented this way, and Dominic Mndawe as a superhero with this power. Now, DC, remember this is another character who is probably a vegetarian. It was also a nice excuse to see Midnighter use his powers without killing the innocent and confused chimera.

My very favorite parts of this book continue to be the moments with Midnighter hanging out with other people. I highly identified with his speech about Matt trampling all over his heart and getting back up.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsMidnighter #9 by Steven Orlando
Art: ACO

I much more enjoyed a plot where Midnighter was emotionally manipulated compared to having a character — Afterthought — who can match him on a powers level. Though certainly, with the exception of Henry Bendix, most superpowered people can’t kick Midnighter’s butt. I do, however, remain weary of “let’s make this villain / challenge even bigger the last” plots in superhero books. Eventually, it just stops being a possibility.

I’m glad to see that Midnighter’s friend wasn’t hurt. I’m really fond of seeing him in his down time.

Not so sure about Harley Quinn and Deadshot being on this mission with Afterthought. I do wonder how Harley’s not quite there sanity works with Midnighter’s powers. Perhaps she’s more unpredictable? I assume the computer relies on some logic of human behavior. Actually that might be more of an interesting matchup.

Nice to see it’s confirmed that it’s Helena Bertinelli, for those of us not reading the other books.

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