New Avengers #13, #14, and #15 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for New Avengers #13, New Avengers #14, and New Avengers #15 by Brian Michael Bendis
Average rating: 3/5 stars.

New Avengers #13 New Avengers #14 New Avengers #15

Erica gives this comic two starsNew Avengers #13 by Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mike Deodato and Howard Chaykin

I’m so over Deodato’s art, and so over Mockingbird dying for 5 bazillion issues. Also, I was totally spoiled for what was going to happen at the end of this issue so yeah…anti-climatic. So I liked Bobbi being the only one on the team without superpowers. That kind of made her awesome. I hope she’s all pissed off because she didn’t seem too happy when she found out that Clint was superhuman.

I’m really glad that someone remembered that Spider-Man is good at science. Or at least enough to kind of figure out what Superia is doing. I did like the part where Steve informed Luke directly where Superia was.

Danny protesting Luke throwing him was awesome. As was Jessica agreeing that she’d hate it too.

Also this issue proves that the whole 1959 Avengers was a stupid and useless idea. As Bendis tied it together with the current plot, it just fell apart even more.

Erica gives this comic three starsNew Avengers #14 by Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mike Deodato

Ugh, I’m so conflicted. This wasn’t a bad plotline. In fact, this was probably one of the more enjoyable stories that Bendis has written since his whole ’50s Avengers thing. And I’m really glad that Mockingbird has stopped dying in a hospital bed.

I have a lot of mixed feelings on Mockingbird. I don’t want her to die, but I also don’t necessarily like that she now has superpowers. (Also, it’s funny that they’re finally trying to justify Nick Fury never aging.) The interview format worked well to frame a Fear Itself story without making it too complex for someone not reading the main title. I really love Bobbi, but I’m not sure that Bendis’ characterization is 100% right. Or at least how I see her.

I like Spider-Man and Victoria pitted against each other. However, Victoria completely has a point that Peter doesn’t trust her, but he won’t take his mask off. He could be anyone. And yeah, I get that the other heroes have a history with him and they don’t with Victoria. But, of course, I suppose that I do like Victoria more than Spider-Man.

The major drawback to this book continues to be the art. I do not like how Deodato draws people, especially women. Their torsos, faces, and legs are just far too long. But I think the worst was, during the interview section, Mockingbird’s boobs looked like little torpedoes draw onto the front of her. Yuck.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsNew Avengers #15 by Brian Michael Bendis
Art: Mike Deodato

So you know how every time someone asks why a woman or minority character isn’t featured on a cover or even the characters who are actually in the team book, and the publishers go “oh, we can’t sell the book without Wolverine, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, or other White Male Character Beloved of Fanboys on the cover”? Well, Avengers #15 has freaking Squirrel Girl on the cover with Danielle Cage in her arms. She might look stupid with her mouth open like that (thanks, Deodato and Rain Beredo), but I guess Bendis can get whatever character he wants on his covers. Anyone have any sales numbers on this issue verses the ones surrounding it? (In the Fear Itself continuity, less someone point out that crossovers always sell more issues…) But you know what, the cover speaks exactly to what’s inside: Squirrel Girl trying to get to Danielle to take care of her. There are no pretenses; it just is. I like it.

Despite my love of Bendis’ dialog skills, I’m not sure how much I’m loving the interview-style he’s doing with the characters. Mostly because what I love about his dialog is when the characters interact with each other, not when they muse about themselves. (Matt Fraction, on the other hand, is a master of interview self-musing.)

Squirrel Girl facing off with Wolverine was pretty hilarious. Of course, Jessica would want to see how the person in charge of protecting her child would do in battle. And, of course, the squirrels were going to come out the moment that she started to lose.

And wow, talk about the worst day of college ever coupled with the most terrifying babysitting experience. I thought the one time I had to keep small children out of an ostrich pen was bad enough.

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