Reviews Queen & Country (Vol 2) “Operation: Morningstar”

Queen & Country Vol 2 Operation: MorningstarErica gives this comic five starsQueen & Country (Vol 2) “Operation: Morningstar” by Greg Rucka

I love that this is a pre-9/11 story about Afghanistan. I love Tara being so pissed off that she can’t kick some Taliban ass. I love how Rucka just tips the scale to show the horror and terror without getting too detailed and keeping the book an international spy thriller.

I remember reading about the Taliban and doing reports on them pre-9/11. I remember thinking, why isn’t anyone doing anything, especially for these poor women. I remember being like Tara and wanting to change things. (Only instead of being a grounded spy, I was in high school/the year I took off in-between high school and college.) I didn’t bond much with Tara in the first volume, but here we were both on the same page. Continue reading “Reviews Queen & Country (Vol 2) “Operation: Morningstar””

Reviews Kevin Smith’s Quiver

This post is by guest blogger, Steve Stone. Steve never minces words, and that’s why he’s been my friend for some time now. He’s opinionated, loves Batman, and wears an awesome BeDazzled tie. Steve’s spent a few Friday nights on my couch, educating Jason and I about the Justice League via the animated television show. And don’t even get him started on The Watchmen. This is Steve’s first attempt to open up his opinions to a wider audience than those who sit next to him on Seattle public transportation.

Quiver by Kevin Smith with art by Phil Hester
by Steve Stone


For a period of time, I was a Kevin Smith sycophant. It started with Dogma, progressed backwards to Clerks and led until Jersey Girl. At this point, my boyish ideals led on to the names of Nolan, Boyle, and Scorsese. The one area that Smith still has a leg up on all is his writing and this is none the more evident than in Quiver. The resurrection (literally in this case) of Oliver Queen could not have done with more text and character development. From the jabs of Batman (dickhead form of course, the best Bruce Wayne) to the screaming head of Spectre coming off of Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern form, only Smith could have mixed the grace and pure assery of the dirty, liberal Oliver. Continue reading “Reviews Kevin Smith’s Quiver”

Reviews: Atomic Robo Vol 1

Atomic Robo Vol 1Erica gives this comic five starsAtomic Robo Vol 1 by Brian Clevinger

Atomic Robo and the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne is perhaps one of the most brilliant comics I’ve read in a while. Love it little pieces: the humor, the mixing of genres, Robo’s solution to everything being blowing it up. It just works so well.

I love the care and detail put into designing Atomic Robo. He doesn’t look like other robots. I don’t think Cybermen, Data, or Cylons. I think Atomic Robo, the wacky fighting scientist who’s pretty indestructible.

This story is smart in how it frames Robo’s first battle against Dr. Helsingard and how he becomes Robo’s nemesis. Actually, I like that it was by accident. I like Helsingard being the obsessive one and swearing revenge on Robo, but Robo not really caring. He’s almost taking down Helsingard’s evil plans by accident.

The first issue is a little slow, but it really takes off from there and doesn’t stop. I didn’t want to put it down. In fact, I didn’t, reading it from cover to cover.

The part with Robo reflecting on his now-deceased WWII army buddy Charlie worked brilliantly in both establishing Robo’s age, but also his emotions. Especially since before that he either seemed to be enthusiastically blowing stuff up or annoyed at people trying to destroy him.

And it’s good to see that Robo’s fame hasn’t gone to his head.

Of course, there was mummies.

The story about Robo going to Mars was brilliant. I love Stephen Hawking hacking his psychological profile, and Robo not having enough magazines to last him the trip. Robo writing “Stephen Hawking is a bastard” on Mars in rocks, while being extremely happy about it was brilliant. It does remind me of the Tick villain writing on the moon.

Atomic Robo: Stephen Hawking is a bastard

I also enjoy how subtle the characterization of Robo’s team comes out in their crisis management. Granted Jenkins’ gets his short-story in the B-sides.

Of course, Robo killed Helsingard and blew the top of the pyramid. And like any good villain, Helsingard has back-ups. Of his brain. Mwahaha.

Atomic Robo is pure fun and enjoyment.

Read about this awesome robot and support this blog, buy Atomic Robo TPB Volume 1: Atomic Robo & the Fightin’ Scientists of Tesladyne.

Six Minor Characters I’d Elevate into Iconic Character Roles in Marvel and DC

I’ve thought a lot about how to bring comics into newer times, and I really think there needs to be some casting changes. Now I’m not saying we have to ditch the ionic characters, but it’s time to see other characters stepping up and becoming icons themselves. Not to mention, this might start attracting a bigger audience.

Six Minor Characters I’d Elevate into Iconic Character Roles

Pepper Potts as Rescue (Iron Man)

Pepper Potts as Iron Man

Continue reading “Six Minor Characters I’d Elevate into Iconic Character Roles in Marvel and DC”

Reviews Assault On New Olympus, Incredible Hercules #138-139, and Agents of Atlas backup

Comic book reviews for Assault On New Olympus by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker, The Incredible Hercules #138 by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker, The Incredible Hercules #139 by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente, and Agents of Atlas by Jeff Parker

Assault on New Olympus Incredible Hercules #138 Incredible Hercules #139 Continue reading “Reviews Assault On New Olympus, Incredible Hercules #138-139, and Agents of Atlas backup”