Stumptown Vol 4 Graphic Novel Review

Stumptown Vol 4

Erica gives this comic five starsStumptown Vol 4 by Greg Rucka (writer)
Art: Justin Greenwood (illustrator), Ryan Hill (colorist), and Crank! (letterer)

Stumptown Volume 4 has been sitting on my to-read shelf, wrapped in plastic, since it came out. I thought about reading it before the show aired, but I didn’t. Volume 3 disappointed me in both not connecting with the story and not caring for Greenwood’s art. But then my friend Max read Volume 4 and immediately texted me, asking if I had. He then encouraged me to read it.

Max, my friend, you were right. I did really like this volume. There’s nothing more perfect than coffee snobs in the Pacific Northwest. Or, as my partner said, “You’ve never heard of cat shit coffee?!” Continue reading “Stumptown Vol 4 Graphic Novel Review”

The Tea Dragon Festival Graphic Novel Review

The Tea Dragon Festival

Erica gives this comic five starsThe Tea Dragon Festival by Katie O’Neill

This book is a prequel to the lovely Tea Dragon Society, and I almost didn’t realize where it fit in the series until the very end of the book. Obviously, these two stories were connected. But it had been a second since I read the first one.

Rinn is a delightful character, who’s the village forager, but she doesn’t feel her skills are quite useful. Thus, she’s always trying to do other jobs, like perhaps becoming a cook. For her, this is a journey of self-discovery and seeing how she — and everyone else in the village — work together to create a harmonious society. Continue reading “The Tea Dragon Festival Graphic Novel Review”