Recession Comic Reviews: On the Chopping Block

Sadly, due to the rising cost of comic books, I’ve had to take a look at my pull list and make some cuts. Having this blog has really helped me in keeping track of which books I’m enjoying and which need to go. Books I’m cutting: Action Comics, Dark Avengers, Gotham City Sirens, and Nomad: Girl Without a World.

Reviews Action Comics #880 by Greg Rucka, Dark Avengers #9 by Brian Michael Bendis, Gotham City Sirens #3 by Scott Lobdell, and Nomad: Girl Without a World #1 by Sean McKeever

Action Comics #880 Dark Avengers #9 Gotham City Sirens #3 Nomad: Girl Without a World #1 Continue reading “Recession Comic Reviews: On the Chopping Block”

Queer Comic Characters: Apollo (Oct 31st)

I kicked off the month with Midnighter, so it seems fitting to end it with Midnighter’s husband Apollo. This also makes Apollo the fourth queer character from the Authority to grace my blog for LGBT History Month.



Apollo and Midnighter are presented as opposites of one another and opposites attract. Apollo wears white and is modeled after Superman compared to Midnighter’s black and Batman-like attitude. Apollo’s generally more jovial and light-hearted. He’s also solar powered; and his powers increase with more sunlight (even directly from being inside the sun), and without sunlight, he starts to power down. Continue reading “Queer Comic Characters: Apollo (Oct 31st)”

Queer Comic Characters: Aruna Shende (Oct 30th)

Aruna Shende’s an intersexed woman from DC’s Bat-verse. She’s also another shapeshifter, which makes most qualify her as transgendered, though since she has no biological sex, I think intersexed is a better classification for her. Aruna was introduced in Scott Peterson and Mike Deodato’s Batgirl Annual # 1 (August 2000).

Aruna Shende

Aruna Shende

Sometimes Batman and Batgirl III need to take a vacation. Of course, their vacations are working ones where they fight crime and solve the kidnapping of Indian actor Ashok, who’d recently moved to Gotham City. This takes them to Mumbai, India, home of Bollywood. Continue reading “Queer Comic Characters: Aruna Shende (Oct 30th)”