Queen & Country (vol 4): Operation: Blackwall Graphic Novel Review

Queen & Country (vol 4): Operation: Blackwall Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsQueen & Country (vol 4): Operation: Blackwall by Greg Rucka
Art: J. Alexander

I almost feel sorry for Edward. Though he’s kind of a dope to think that Tara would ever want a real relationship; also that he wouldn’t figure out that the boss would know what they were doing and make it stop. (I’m betting it would even stop if they had a deeper relationship than just fuck buddies.)

I felt bad for Rachel Beck. She didn’t even know the whole story in the end. Instead, she was just heartbroken over Anton and he, her. Of course, this is story about how love doesn’t always happen the way it should be. Or the way you think it would be.

Edward and Tara just thought it’d be sex; and for Tara, it was. And Anton thought it’d just be sex, and both of them fell in love.

I’m glad that we got a glimpse of this side of Tara. I like the “softer” look at her without completely taking her down to some frilly, non-Tara like level. Of course, I expect nothing less from Rucka.

Alexander’s art leaves me a little cold. The lines seemed muddled, and I think I’d appreciate the art if it were clearer. Of course, that could be the point. Especially in a book about the affairs of the heart and the favors of the intelligence department.

Dive into the world of spies and broken hearts, buy Queen & Country Vol. 4: Operation Blackwall.

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