Queer Comic Book Character: Casey Bullocks-Femur (Oct 18th)

Casey Bullocks-Femur is the peppy, bisexual aerobics instructor from Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise. While the comic mostly focuses on the on-and-off-again romance of Katchoo and Francine, Casey manages to burst her way into the plot several times throughout the series.

Casey Bullocks-Femur

Casey Bullocks-Femur
Casey Bullocks-Femur

Casey is first introduced as the new girlfriend and eventual wife of Freddie Femur. Francine takes an immediate dislike to her as Freddie is her ex-boyfriend who cheated on and humiliated her before dating Casey. However, as Freddie becomes more and more obsessed with Francine, including purchasing tasteful nude paintings of Francine for their living room, everyone finds out that Casey is more than just a bubbly blonde with a boob job.

Casey divorces Freddie, and she’s pretty willing to help Francine and Katchoo get back at Freddie. After her separation, she declares that she’s bisexual and wants to have a love like Francine and Katchoo. As the two women have departed from each other, Casey tries to get Katchoo to teach her to be a lesbian.

And when Casey finds out that David is a millionaire, she attempts to have a threesome with David and Katchoo. Though she’s not really invited. However, this is broken up when Francine shows up at the house.

Later, Casey serves as the one who keeps the line of communication open between Francine and Katchoo after their big fall out. She flies to Hawaii to visit Katchoo and David and pretty literally plays telephone to get the two women to make up.

However, eventually, Casey drives the wedge between them. When Katchoo’s fed up that Francine (who still declares herself not a lesbian) won’t sleep with her, Katchoo winds up in Casey’s bed. Francine catches them, and she leaves Katchoo to marry Brad.

Casey adores Katchoo and takes her under her wing. She even sets up Katchoo with an art studio. Casey tries to protect Katchoo by deleting messages left by Francine (specifically about Francine’s miscarriage) and attempts to get Katchoo dating again. Katchoo considers Casey her best friend.

Eventually, Casey moves to Las Vegas. There she’s a Vegas showgirl and naturally becomes really good friends with her fellow showgirls. Especially one named Rusty. Rusty’s husband disappeared several years before, and Casey helps her go look for him. She also helps hide Rusty’s son when Rusty can’t find a babysitter and has to bring him to rehearsals.

Casey loses her taste for the public spotlight after a man starts stalking Rusty. But thankfully, for Rusty and Casey, Katchoo is there to kick his ass and send him to the police. Casey decides that she needs to move back to Houston to be nearer to Katchoo and David.

And I haven’t read the rest of Strangers in Paradise (yet!) so I’ll leave you with that. But I’m sure Casey’s still in everyone’s business.

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