Queer Comic Book Character: Christian Frost (Oct 8th)

I’m sad to say that I missed yesterday the 7th. I was foiled by my vacation and lack of internet access. No, not everyone’s grandma has the internet at her home. Anyway, without further ado…

Christian Frost

Christian Frost
Christian Frost

Christian Frost is Emma Frost’s older brother. He appears mostly in more recent back-stories concerning Emma and the rest of the Frost family. Christian was set to takeover the Frost empire and is portrayed as the least rebellious and the only non-mutant of all the Frost children. He was very close to his sister Emma.

Christian and Emma hang out in her bedroom
The two siblings bond with each other.

However, when Winston Frost found out his son was gay, Winston threatened to disown him. He ordered Christian to leave his boyfriend and come back home. When Christian stood up for himself, Winston framed Christian’s boyfriend for a crime and had him deported.

Christian became very depressed and started using drugs heavily. He attempted suicide, but Emma stopped him just in time to save his life. Emma forced their father to get Christian some help. But instead, three men came to locked up Christian in an insane asylum and that was the last he’s appeared in comic books.

I really hope that someday someone will redeem Christian’s plotline. Right now, he’s a bad tragic gay stereotype. I’m surprised that Emma was not more active in his care given their close relationship. Maybe now that the mutants have their own nation, Emma will bring her brother home. He can hang out with Dazzler’s crazy sister.

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