Queer Comic Book Character: Jazinda (Oct 15th)

Jazinda was introduced in Peter David’s run on She-Hulk, where she becomes She-Hulk’s bounty-hunting business partner and roommate. Together, the two live in a mobile home and go after super-powered beings who’ve skipped on their bail.



Jazinda is a Skrull and the daughter of famous Super Skrull Kl’rt. Like most Skrulls, she has the ability to shape-shift into any form she chooses. Originally, Jazinda is sent on a mission to steal the Sy-Torak gem from the Kree. However, when her mission goes south, Jazinda swallows the gem in order to hide it. However, it ends up bonding with her body and making her immortal and unkillable.

Wanting the gem for themselves, the Skrulls turn on Jazinda. They plan to cut it out of her body, thus actually killing her. So she runs from them. Jazinda winds up on Earth where she saves She-Hulk’s life and becomes her friend.

As a bounty hunter, Jazinda often uses her shape-shifting powers to trick villains or make them confess. Frequently, she poses as Jennifer Walters, only to later have the real She-Hulk show up to kick ass.

Like other Skrulls, Jazinda is seemingly omnisexual. She once claimed to have had 37 lovers, five of which she’s slept with simultaneously. Jazinda also has a crush on She-Hulk.

She-Hulk #34: Jazinda makes a joke about meeting Jen on an interstellar lesbian dating service.

During Secret Invasion, Jazinda is confronted by Kl’rt, who’d come to kill her for the gem. He successfully shoots her in the head and prepares to remove the gem. However, She-Hulk convinces him to let his daughter live out of his love for her. Kl’rt does so. But he requests to She-Hulk that she make up another story about why he didn’t go through with his mission.

Post-Secret Invasion, Jazinda becomes even more careful about revealing her Skrull identity. When she and She-Hulk team up with the Lady Liberators, Jazinda poses as a Shi’Ar warrior. And when the true comes out, the Lady Liberators are not too happy to find a Skrull amongst them. However, when Man-Elephant comes after She-Hulk and finds Jazinda instead, the Lady Liberators team up to save Jazinda.

Sadly, Jazinda hasn’t appeared much since She-Hulk was canceled. She had a brief cameo in S.W.O.R.D. as one of the aliens rounded-up from Earth. But otherwise, she’s been off the map for quite a while.

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