Queer Comic Book Character: Moondragon (Oct 13th)

Heather Douglas aka Moondragon is featured prominently in Marvel’s cosmic tales. In the past, she’s gone back and forth between being a good guy and a villain, but these days, she’s mostly a hero. Moondragon has a great telepathic power. In fact, she may be the most powerful telepath in the Marvel universe, and writers seem to run into the trouble as she can be too powerful. Especially when going against Marvel’s favorite male characters like Thor, Doctor Strange, and Thanos. At one point, she even possessed the Mind Gem, one of the Infinity Gems.

Heather Douglas aka Moondragon

Heather Douglas aka Moondragon

Moondragon is portrayed as bisexual in her romantic attractions and relationships. When she was evil, she telepathically controlled Thor to be her lover. And in her more recent hero days, she briefly dated Marlo Chandler (Rick Jones’ wife) when Marlo and Rick split. And her last serious relationship was with Phyla-Vell, who’s the daughter of Captain Mar-Vell and another cosmic character.

When she was a child, Heather and her parents were driving through the California desert when they witnessed Thanos’ spaceship landing. Because Thanos didn’t want anyone to know he’d come to Earth, he blew up their car. Heather survived. She was found by Mentor (Thanos’ father) and taken to Titan to be raised.

On Titan, Heather was trained in both martial arts and how to use her mental powers of telepathy. There she mentally contacted a cosmic being known as the Dragon of the Moon. The Dragon tried to take over her body, using her natural arrogance and pride as an in. But Heather drove the Dragon away and took the name Moondragon. However, in times when she’s been a villain, there have been hints that the Dragon still controls her subconscious.

Eventually, Moondragon set out to help the Avengers defeat Thanos several times. And she brought back her father, who became Drax the Destroyer. Moondragon’s telepathic powers had become so great at this time that she was able to stop an entire planet’s civil war and became their peace goddess. But her arrogance caught the attention of real gods, Thor and Odin, and for a while, she was forced to wear a headband which limited her powers.

Moondragon is arrogant when asked to join the Defenders
Moondragon is arrogant when asked to join the Defenders.

Moondragon has been killed several times as a hero, but she always manages to come back from the dead. Recently, she’s been in Marvel’s Annihilation and Guardians of the Galaxy where she’s hero and dating Phyla-Vell. (And don’t worry, she’s also been given more practical uniforms.)

When Phyla-Vell dies trying to stop the Dragon of the Moon from taking over Moondragon, Moondragon pledges to be a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. And most recently, she had a vision that Phyla-Vell was still alive and trapped. Hopefully, she’ll be able to rescue her girlfriend soon. But right now, she’s dealing with a mystical pregnancy, where she may or may not be giving birth to a strange creature from a rip in the time-and-space.

Moondragon and Phyla-vell
Moondragon and Phyla-vell

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