Queer Comic Book Character: Naked Justice (Oct 28th)

Normally, I keep this blog pretty PG-13. Or more that I just don’t talk about explicitly erotic comic books. However, I couldn’t resist throwing in the Naked Justice by Patrick Fillion because those comics books are campy, porny fun. And they do a perfect job at mocking the ideal superhero. But don’t get me wrong, he still shoots a laser out of his giant penis.

Naked Justice

Naked Justice
Naked Justice

The Naked Justice is Felix Himner, who went on vacation to Egypt with his parents. There he awoke the ancient Pharaoh, King Cock-A-Tut, who granted him his powers and made him incredibly hung. (Note where Captain Marvel and Black Adam get their powers.) The Naked Justice does detective work (like Batman) and helps people (like Superman). Fillion also puts in plenty of fighting which reminds me of 60’s Batman.

The Naked Justice subdues villains by shooting lasers from his penis and by having sex with them. When he winds up in jail himself — for indecent exposure, go figure — he’s bailed out by Jeanne Darque, leader of the Guardians of the Cube. He’s asked to join her team, which he accepts.

There he falls in love with Ghost Boy, and they all go on some crazy adventures. Currently, they’re battling the guy who stole Ghost Boy’s body.

The Naked Justice is silly and adult. But it’s fun.

Watch the campy and PG-13 trailer for the series:

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