Queer Comic Book Characters: Achilles (Oct 6th)

A gay icon for decades, Wonder Woman finally got a gay friend. Okay, first she had a gay enemy. One who rides an awesome flying elephant named Mysia.

Achilles, aka The Olympian

Achilles rides Mysia
Achilles rides in on Mysia to save the day.

Achilles came to Themyscira as part of Zeus’ attempt to force peace into the world. First, Achilles gets himself the heart of a god (Kane Milohai’s after Zeus kills him). Second, Achilles and his fellow Olympian soldiers (men) storm the U.N. building in DC. Wonder Woman shows up to stop him.

Achilles and Wonder Woman fight
Achilles and Wonder Woman fight.

However, they’re both distracted when Ares shows up and starts attacking the Amazons and the Olympians. During the battle, Ares is killed and Wonder Woman rejects Zeus’ power of her. In this moment, Zeus makes Achilles the King of both the Olympians and the Amazons. They are to live on Paradise Island. Both Wonder Woman and Hippolyta are imprisoned and sentenced to death.

Achilles marries Alkyone, one of the Hippolyta’s former guards, to placate the Amazons. They’re clearly each other beards as viewers get to watch their “romance” evolve. Mostly, it involves practicing sparing, arguing about how to lead Paradise Island, and Alkyone plotting behind Achilles’ back.

Achilles and Alkyone make a less than perfect match
Achilles and Alkyone make a less than perfect match.

When Alkyone and her followers attempt to take over Paradise Island, Achilles, the Olympians, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Amazons work together. During the battle, Achilles is stabbed in the heart. Luckily for him, he had a god’s heart and that isn’t the way to murder him. In the end, Alkyone and her supporters are killed and Zeus apologizes for being an ass.

Achilles decides that he need to learn about the current world, not just ancient Greece and the Olympian’s society. Achilles start looking for a house, and Wonder Woman sets him up with Patrick Cleese (or Patroclus), his long-lost love reincarnated. Wonder Woman’s such a matchmaker.

Most recently, Achilles lent Wonder Woman his support in battle as she faced up against her aunt. I hope that Achilles reappears as Wonder Woman was just relaunched and her story re-started. I’d hate to lose the history Gail Simone set up for Achilles and his bond with Wonder Woman.

Achilles helps Wonder Woman
Achilles gets a little carried away in destruction. Etta reminds him they're working together to help Wonder Woman.

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