Queer Comic Book Characters: Destiny (Oct 10th)

Until 1989, the Comics Code Authority banned all mentions of homosexuality and definitely all openly gay characters. Jim Shooter, Marvel editor-in-chief in the 1980s, had a “No Gays in the Marvel Universe” stance and in the 1990s, all solo features with gay characters had to be labeled as “Adults Only.” Thankfully, as of 2006, current editor-in-chief Joe Quesada says this policy’s no longer in effect.

Unfortunately, Irene Adler aka Destiny died in Uncanny X-Men #255, which was published December 1989. She has not be resurrected.

Irene Adler (Destiny)


Irene is a blind mutant precognitive, born in Austria. During her adolescence, she filled 13 volumes with her future predictions called “The Books of Truth.” After this, she went blind. Though throughout her lifetime, Irene continued to make many accurate predictions.

She met Mystique in 1900, when Mystique was working as a detective and sought out Irene to help her. From then on, the two women became life-long friends and lovers. With their combined powers — Irene’s precognitive abilities and Mystique’s shape-shifting — they were very adept to surviving and being able to shape the future.

Destiny looks fondly at a photo of her and Mystique
Irene looks fondly at a photo of her taken with Mystique, while they’re on a cruise together.

Together, they raised Rogue as their own. Destiny both predicted Rogue as a valuable asset to them and predicted that Rogue would leave them to join the X-Men.

Originally, writer Chris Claremont wanted Destiny and Mystique to be the biological parents of Nightcrawler. However, both the Comics Code Authority and editor-in-chief Jim Shooter denied this request, and only Mystique’s listed as his biological mother. (Mystique gave up Nightcrawler, and he was raised by the circus.)

Both women were part of the second formation of the Brotherhood of Mutants under Magneto. They were the only women on the team, and their friendship is played up — in the Comics Code Authority approved way — as an intense bond due to this.

Destiny was briefly put in jail after she attempted to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly. Her plans were foiled by Kitty Pryde.

Destiny tries to assassinate Sen. Robert Kelly
Said assassination attempt

Later, she, along with the remaining Brotherhood, joined the government paid and backed Freedom Force. They attempted to capture the X-Men and the Avengers. While on a mission to Muir Island, Destiny’s killed by Legion. Mystique scattered her ashes into the sea, while thinking about how much they loved each other.

Mystique then laughs
Mystique’s laughing on the next panel.

Despite still being dead in canon, Destiny’s Books of Truth have been used for various X-Men plotlines.

Marvel writers, Chris Yost and Craig Kyle have said that Destiny will be on the main mutants brought back during the Necrosha event.

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