Queer Comic Book Characters: Grace Choi (Oct 23rd)

Grace Choi is part Bana Amazon and metahuman. She has super strength, durability, and healing powers. Grace has mostly appeared in DC’s The Outsiders. She’s pretty distinct as a 7-foot-tall Asian American woman with many tattoos. Grace is known to date both men and women.

Grace Choi

Grace Choi
Grace Choi

As a child, Grace was caught in a prostitution ring. When her metahuman powers developed, she escaped her slavery. Before she was recruited by the Outsiders, she worked as a bouncer in Metropolis. Thankfully, this is where Grace’s horrible stereotype of a childhood ends and she comes into her own as an adult.

On the team, Grace is the muscle. She’s also very outspoken and not afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, she and Captain Boomerang II didn’t flinch when their interrogation of soldiers involved torture.

At some point during her time in The Outsiders, Grace started dating Anissa Pierce (Thunder). And it was when Anissa fell into a coma during Batman R.I.P. that Grace decided to leave the team.

Grace stops a missile
Grace stops a missile.

During Amazons Attack, the Bana Amazons claim that Grace is one of them, which explains some of Grace’s powers. Together with Wonder Woman, Grace helps stop a bomb which can only be controlled by those with Bana DNA.

Currently, Grace isn’t in many comic books, which is very sad. Her last appearance was a cameo in Gail Simone’s story in Wonder Wonder #600.

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