Queer Comic Book Characters: Ramsey Spencer (Oct 11th)

Ramsey first appears in Manhunter Vol 3 #2, and he spends most of his time the comic book as an six-year-old. Which means there’s a lot of him doing kid things like playing with his robot dog Thor, hanging out with his great-grandparents who are conveniently metahumans and still alive, and wanting to spend more time with his mother, Kate aka Manhunter.

Ramsey Spencer

Ramsey Spencer
Ramsey Spencer

Most of time, I’m not a huge fan of children in comics, but Marc Andreyko does a wonderful job at weaving him into the fabric of Kate’s story. A couple times he gets himself into trouble. One time, he finds out that he has enhanced strength, super speed, and bulletproof skin.

Overall, Ramsey makes a nice well-rounded addition to Kate’s world. In many ways, he serves as representation of her heart and her humanity. Yes, Kate may kill villains, but she’s not a soulless monster, nor is she detached from the world in a way say Bruce Wayne is.

But enough about Kate and more about Ramsey. The last issue of Manhunter takes place 15 years in the future, and #38 focuses on Kate’s family, which really means Ramsey. Ramsey’s having a party with his extended family to celebration his graduation from film school. He also brings along his live-in boyfriend, Justin. Despite his family being full of superheros, Andreyko writes Ramsey as a fully grown and well-adjusted man.

Ramsey's graduation party
Ramsey with his great-grandparents at his college graduation party.

At the very end, Kate gives Ramsey a Manhunter costume and together, they go out to fight villains. I really hope that other writers use Ramsey in the future as he’s awesome.

Kate and Ramsey as Manhunters
Kate teaches Ramsey as the two go fight villains together.

Read about Ramsey from the beginning, buy Manhunter Vol. 1: Street Justice (DC Comics) by Marc Andreyko and support this blog.

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