Queer Comic Characters: Obsidian (Oct 20th)

I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little about Todd Rice (Obsidian). I’ve only read about him in Marc Andreyko’s Manhunter, where he was a supporting character: sometimes back-up support for superhero Kate Spencer (Manhunter) and sometimes just the boyfriend of Damon Matthews, a DA and Kate’s co-counsel.

Todd Rice (Obsidian)

Todd Rice (Obsidian)

Todd is the son of Golden Age superhero Alan Scott (Green Lantern) and villain Rose Canton (Thorn). He also has a twin sister, Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade). Todd grew up in an adoptive home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and found out about his sister when they were teenagers. Todd and Jennie-Lynn figured they were the children of the Green Lantern long before they proved it due to their powers.

Jade and Obsidian together.
Jade and Obsidian together.

Todd can merge his body with his shadow, which gives him enhanced strength and endurance. He can also fly, cover the world with a shadow, grow in size, and show people their dark sides. Todd derives his powers from the Shadowlands, another dimensional plane.

Like his mother Thorn, Todd displays unbalanced moods and depression. For a while, he was under mind control and a villain. As his character has further developed, his dark mood swings may actually come from his superpowers. When he’s most upset, he turns into an egg of darkness until the mood has passed.

Todd’s a member of the JSA and was previously a founding member of Infinity Inc. Despite everything, he still has the trust of the other superheroes and is considered generally a pretty good guy.

One of the most stable factors in Todd’s life is his relationship with Damon. They are presented as a very loving and caring couple. Andreyko even has them together 20+ years in the future.

Todd and Damon
Todd and Damon together.

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