Rachel Rising #4, #5, and #6 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Rachel Rising #4, Rachel Rising #5, and Rachel Rising #6 by Terry Moore
Average rating: 4.3/5 stars

Rachel Rising #4 Rachel Rising #5 Rachel Rising #6

Erica gives this comic five starsRachel Rising #4 by Terry Moore

The crack team of Rachel, Aunt Johnny, and Jet is like my favorite thing ever. Only four issues in and I completely adore their dynamics. Moore gets how different people function together so well.

The expressions Moore draws when Rachel sits up on the table is priceless. As how straight-faced both Jet and Johnny become when the coroner walks back in.

Yes, Johnny’s right that Rachel can’t keep dying; otherwise, more people are going to realize that she’s not as dead as she’s supposed to be.

Zoe’s entire killing streak is so creepy. Looks like she made some bargain with the unknown woman. Gives me the chills. Is it next issue time yet?

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsRachel Rising #5 by Terry Moore

This book just keeps getting more awesome. At least when the adults are all hanging out. I approve.

Rachel’s conversation with her Aunt Johnny in the kitchen makes me love Johnny even more. She’s super rad. “No, you’re in the kitchen, dear.” Lolz.

Jet is the best friend ever. This is almost functioning as a magical realism universe. But not quite as people know Rachel’s dead and do get freaked out by it. Best friends forever. I love that their childhood bond included mentions of being friends beyond the grave.

Dr. Wesley Siemen’s theory is definitely interesting…

The whole foster family scene was just icky. I get that this is a horror comic book so things aren’t going to be happy. But I guess I’ve been watching/reading a lot of media where foster/adopted families aren’t shown in the greatest light so to instantly have Mr. Boyle be a pedophile was just icky. Even if he did die at the end.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsRachel Rising #6 by Terry Moore

If nothing else, Moore’s making this comic book very intriguing. I’m not a big horror fan; in fact, I usually run the other way and sleep with the lights on, but I know this book’s going to be great. (Plus, even though it’s more descriptive, horror in books just hits me more softly.)

I’m thinking Moore’s crafting a built on a graveyard kind of story. It sounds like this witch-spirity woman might be raising the dead for some kind of army. Perhaps something to do with fighting the snake coughing lady. I also wonder if Zoe is dead or not.

I would be more upset that they killed off Jet if she didn’t come back to life. But, poor Johnny! I mean, who’s going to be at the funeral home and look the other way in a town with rising dead?

That Wesley guy is just creepy.

Get scared a little and buy Rachel Rising Volume 1: The Shadow of Death.

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  1. I started reading this after ECHO ended. It is really good, but the story just didn’t grab me as much as Echo did. The price and that fact had me drop it and decide to wait and buy it as it is collected in trades. It is creepy and really different. Those that like suspense and horror mixed should take a look.

    1. I can understand price being an issue, but I like supporting indie artists and their creator-owned projects. I think the extra money is worth it. And by the end of the first arc, it definitely grabs you.

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