Rachel Rising #7, #8, and #9 Comic Book Reviews

Comic book reviews for Rachel Rising #7, Rachel Rising #8, and Rachel Rising #9 by Terry Moore
Average rating: 4.6/5 stars

Rachel Rising #7 Rachel Rising #8 Rachel Rising #9

Erica gives this comic five starsRachel Rising #7 by Terry Moore

Ewww. I’d freak out too if I was Zoe and bodies were popping out of the graveyard. Gross on so many levels. And scary.

I’m glad that Johnny’s not dead. Though I’m not sure how her injuries are going to advance the plot. I’m all for having characters with disabilities — there’s no realistic way I’m going to buy Johnny walking away completely healed — but having a character in full traction, in a hospital with a very long healing process before she can leave said hospital seems like a big way to take a character out of the story. Johnny had a partner. That’s good to know. I trusted Moore would make his queer character happy.

I was really worried Earl was going to have his way with Jet’s corpse. I’m glad to see that there were other intentions. Jet’s reactions were perfect, and Earl taking care of her turned out to be pretty precious. So, thank you, Moore, for not going there and for turning that horror trope on it’s head. Much appreciated.

Erica gives this comic five starsRachel Rising #8 by Terry Moore

Wesley’s still creeping me out a lot with his wife. And I’m not really one for the pseudo-magic/religion/science crap. Probably just another reason why his character rubs me the wrong way.

Again, it’s interesting that Moore made Jet also very helpless. Of course, I assume they’ll be working on that. It’s kind of sweet in a weird way that Jet can feel it when Earl touches her. Though I did love the simple care of Rachel washing her hair, and both of them wanting to know why they weren’t dead.

Jet’s comments on men were spot on. Yes and yes.

Who’s under that tree, Zoe? And what’s up with those wolves? That part made the least amount of sense.

Erica Gives This Comic Four StarsRachel Rising #9 by Terry Moore

I very much appreciate that we’re getting bad guy and gal POV. I love when we the readers know a bit more than the main characters. Even if it does make is less scary, which is okay by me, but not everyone will probably love it. Though I think it’s a good trick in a shorter work to get you to care about the good characters’ well beings a lot quicker.

That said bringing in archangels curse (Malus) and Lilith are just a little trite. Like does everyone have to pull from Judeo-Christian beliefs? Seriously, haven’t they been worked over and over again in all of literature and art. Let’s do something different. I’m a little disappointed given how much Moore digs science and the kinds of crazy places he went with Echo. Even if this magic/religion stuff works to cleanse his writer’s palette as it were.

I’m glad that Jet’s functioning.

How much are we going to bet that Zoe ends up recovering in the same room as Johnny?

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